Rod Light | May 29, 2018

From their first day on campus at Life Pacific College, Gabe Kepler, Eden Richmond, Jake Lichtl, Rachel VanProyen, Mallie Kerns, and Joshua Kelley have embraced President Jim J. Adams’ call to “Dream Big. Dream Bold.”

Now, as graduates and alumni, we asked them about what’s next and how LPC has prepared them to reach for the specific dream God has given them.

Gabe Kepler

Gabe Kepler: Transformational Ministry major

Dream: Begin a non-profit and minister internationally, addressing issues of poverty, social justice, community development, and the prevalent need for the gospel throughout the nations.

Gabe Kepler came to LPC knowing he was called to international ministry. He leaves LPC with an even greater passion for that calling. This summer, Gabe’s calendar is packed with serving trips in Costa Rica in June, Guatemala in July, and Japan (with his father) in August.

When he returns from Japan, Gabe will attend Yale Divinity School to pursue a Master of Divinity degree.

Gabe says, “LPC has prepared me in a very holistic manner; studying Transformational Ministry enabled me to not only focus on theology and ministry but also incorporate courses such as counseling, organizational management, cross-cultural studies, and others.”

The ability to engage in a variety of subjects has given Gabe a broader perspective of ministry. He says the education he received at LPC provided a solid foundation on which to build as he continues his ministerial education.

Eden Richmond

Eden Richmond: Business Administration and Transformational Ministry (double major)

Dream: Eden hopes to work for organizations that she values and are making an impact on the world.

While at Life Pacific, Eden identified her dream of being an executive leader in an organization.

“I have recognized from my time at LPC that I love nonprofit work and want to continue working in those organizations,” she says. “I was pushed to determine that I love vision casting, leading, team managing and working to implement new vision in the most effective way.”

Eden served the student body as vice president of administration and then served as student body president during her junior year. “Having these experiences at LPC not only helped me identify my goals and dreams but empowered me to take action and steps to get there,” she says.

Now that she has graduated and has become a credentialed Foursquare minister, Eden has accepted a position as administrative assistant for special projects at the Foursquare National Church Office in Los Angeles. Reflecting on the new position, she says, “I couldn’t feel more blessed and honored to have a full time position with an organization that I so believe in and can see its impact.”

Jake Lichtl

Jake Lichtl: Biblical Studies major

Dream: Complete a Ph.D. in biblical studies and teach in higher education, while staying connected to the local church.

Next fall, Jake will pursue his M.Div. at Duke Divinity. He wants to study the Bible at the highest academic level and communicate what he learns to people in the local church. “Through the guidance of our professors, I have begun my journey into the education field and feel prepared for my next steps,” Jake says.

Jake feels “incredibly fortunate” to study in the biblical studies program and attributes the program to helping him gain a lifelong love for studying the scripture.

“LPC has prepared me for my pursuit of biblical scholarship and service in local church ministry,” Jake says. “I intend on continuing the legacy of excellence I have seen in our LPC professors as I pursue an academic career in the field.”

Rachel VanProyen

Rachel VanProyen: Biblical Studies major
Dream: To "helpfully help" with humanitarian needs around the world.

Rachel gained much experience for relating with people as a resident coordinator during her on-campus experience at Life Pacific. She says LPC has prepared her for the future with learning inside and outside the classroom.

“I am so grateful for the practical leadership and cross-cultural experience that I've had in my time at LPC,” Rachel says. “I've had the honor of leading the Global Life team to Haiti the last two years and have been mentored into the position. That means not only how to lead a team of people into a new culture, but how to practically help the church and a community in a way that is beneficial.”

Rachel’s work with Global Life has helped prepare her to engage cross culturally, helping people in need, while being kingdom minded. Following graduation, she will work with Foursquare Disaster Relief. “I get to be a part of a group of people who are being the hands and feet of Jesus, reaching out to people who are hurting and are in desperate need,” Rachel says. 

Mallie Kerns

Mallie Kerns: Worship Arts and Media major
Dream: My goal above all else is to follow the leading of the Lord and to be open to whatever He has for me.

“LPC has prepared me to communicate and articulate my faith and the Word of God to others,” Mallie says. “I also think that because of my time at LPC, I have a deeper love for God and for people.”

She says God has given her a passion for many areas of service, but for the immediate future Mallie has answered a call to move home to Indiana and serve as a youth pastor. “I would’ve never guessed that I would be moving back to Indiana or that I would be a youth pastor, but God’s plans are greater than mine. I’m excited for this season, and I’m excited to see where God takes me,” she says. 

Joshua Kelley

Joshua Kelley: Biblical Studies major
Dream: To plant a church and effectively minister to his city and community through the church. 

As a student at LPC, Joshua served as vice president of activities with the associate student body. He says the biblical studies program has equipped him with tools necessary to effectively understand the meaning of scripture and communicating God’s Word in a way that relates to the current culture.

After graduating from LPC, Joshua will accept an associate pastor position at Antelope Valley Life Church in Lancaster California. He will work for Southern California Foursquare NextGen and plan activities for district summer camps.

 “Life Pacific has prepared me for my future in ministry because it showed me the significance of developing relationships and building community,” Joshua says.


These students, and their dreams - represent the more than 170 graduates from the 2018 class of Life Pacific College who will serve God in the Church, the workplace, and the world. Be sure to pray for them as they launch into the future and follow the call of God on their lives.