The Study Abroad Program advances the academic goals of Life Pacific University by developing and promoting a variety of international educational opportunities. Students will maintain a full course load via online options with Life Pacific University and by completing an internship with Foursquare Mission International field personal. If you are interested in the Study Abroad Program, please contact Global Life. Study Away Programs serve to promote the practical development of degree specific knowledge and skills by facilitating internship opportunities in cities throughout the United States. Students maintain a full course load through Life Pacific University’s online program and complete an internship under the guidance of their academic department. If you are interested in the Study Abroad or Away Program, please contact Global Life at Below you will find information regarding upcoming study abroad trips.


Location: TBD
Dates: Programs are postponed until the 2019-2020 Academic Year
Related Majors: Biblical Studies, Transformational Ministry, Human Development & Psychology, and Business Administration