Life Pacific University is community of dreamers. We are a diverse campus with a wide range of interest, passions, goals, and aspirations. At LPU, we believe these God-given dreams are not reserved for the future only, but they are to be carriedout in the here and now.

The Associated Student Body has created Student Organizations to make student’s dreams happen. Student Organizations allows students to act on their dreams and ideas, to practically influence and shape campus culture, to impact the local community, and to connect with peers who may share similar interests and passions. Through Student Organizations, students are empowered to launch and lead clubs which are groups of students organized around a common interest or activity- whether that be writing, business, or music. Student Organizations are all about empowering students to bravely step into their big dreams.

Why form a Student Organization?

  • Reserve Campus Space
  • Raise & Reserve Funds
  • Host Events
  • Receive Advertisement Support from ASB
  • Function under the Name of LPU

Why join a Club or Community Outreach Team?

  • Plug-in to the Community
  • Invest in your Personal Development
  • Boost your Resumé
  • ​Build Relationships
  • Have a Positive Impact on the Community