The Office of Student Development oversees and manages many of the campus resources available to students in an effort to create a comprehensive and enjoyable college experience with a focus on student success and retention. Our mission is to provide students with a holistic development model that encompasses their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being. Above all, our mission is to care for you and help you succeed.

Student Resources

At Life Pacific University, we believe that student activities provide an important point of connection and unity for students on campus. The Office of Student Life (OSL) intentionally designs our programs to help meet the social, cultural, recreational, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the LPU community. Students are encouraged to stop by the OSL in order to find out about opportunities for involvement and to learn about all of our upcoming events.

In addition to major events like Fall/Spring Retreats, Winter/Spring Socials and Homecoming, the Associated Student Government and the Office of Residence Life provide programs and events throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Some examples include ongoing Intramural Sports, BroomBall, The Good Life, the Turkey Bowl, Christmas Hall Decorating, Spring Spa, the Man Party, Chivalry Night and Finals Food. These are all great opportunities to enjoy fellowship, build community, and take a break from the ever-present demands of being a college student.

If you are a current student seeking information about student resources, please click or tap here.

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Counseling Services

Be the best you, you can be. Find your voice.

Life Pacific University and the Office of Student Life are committed to the emotional and psychological well-being of our students along with their social, academic, and spiritual well-being. Therefore, we have created a network of referrals for students seeking support through counseling, clinics, organizations, and hot-lines. If you are a current student seeking more information regarding counseling services, please click or tap here.

Complaint Process

Students are encouraged to follow the grievance policy outlined in the University Catalog. 

Co-curricular Grievance

In the event that a student has a serious concern about a specific policy of the University that is outside of academic concern, the student is encouraged to communicate with the Dean of Students/Vice President of Student Development. The appeal should be made in writing describing the nature of the grievance, the evidence upon which it is based, and the remedy sought. The Dean of Students will act to bring formal resolution to the stated grievance. If satisfactory action is not achieved, an appeal may be directed to an Ad Hoc Appeals Committee for final resolution.

An individual may contact the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education for review of a complaint. The bureau may be contacted at:

2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95833
Telephone: (916) 431-6924
FAX: (916) 263-1897