President’s Welcome

Welcome to Life Pacific College! I’m glad you clicked in today, and hope you’ll drop by anytime–either here online or in person for a visit.
For over 90 years, LPC has educated and empowered students for a lifetime of ministry in the church and leadership in the world. Many people are aware of our undergraduate programs, small college feel, and engaging faculty; some may not know about our growing adult online and graduate programs. We are passionate about our Christian mission and are privileged to serve. Whether you are a prospective student, parent, community member, friend, or alumni of one of the historic Foursquare colleges, you will always receive a warm welcome from our LPC team. I hope you enjoy visiting our new website today. It is our pleasure to serve you in any way we can.

President Jim J. Adams, Ed.D.


Presidential Vision: Dream BOLD LPC!

Dream BOLD! Following your dreams to discover the calling God placed on your life takes courage, stamina, and the support of an entire community. At Life Pacific College, our BOLD dream is all about your BOLD dream. God-inspired dreams and visions are part of the capacity He builds into every human spirit to know His plans and to explore the pathways laid before us. Our commitment at LPC is to inspire and encourage you to dream BOLD about the possibilities of a future dedicated to following the unique and individual blueprint God writes in your heart. Whether your dream is about following Christ through preaching, teaching, entrepreneurial leadership, business, counseling, serving social needs or engaging the globe, our goal is to provide the best possible environment for your education and spiritual development.

At LPC, you won’t face a lonely journey. Discovering what God has for your life is an adventure fraught with excitement and even a little danger from time to time. Be assured we will walk through this adventure alongside you and help you find the fulfillment of your calling and the achievement of your BOLD dream. God is relentlessly tracking your trajectory of growth. He will use your hands, heart, and mind to accomplish great things as you yield yourself to the dreams inspired by the Spirit of God. Life is a wild ride, with many unpredictable twists and turns, so enjoy the journey and follow the plan. Grab his hand, and never let go!

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President's Five Running Lanes

These running lanes describe the president's work focus, integrated closely with the college-university strategic plan. The running lanes are complimentary, and not in addition to, the mission, vision, and values of the college-univeristy.

  1. Stewarding Resources Effectively
  2. Advancing Stategic Enrollment
  3. Promoting Cultural Competency and Inclusion
  4. Building Bridges of Relationship
  5. Leading Christ-Centered Change
To learn more about the President's Five Running Lanes, click here to read the full article.