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The Board of Trustees for Life Pacific University announces their search for a person to fill the Office of College President. Life Pacific University is an institution of biblical higher education existing for the transformational development of students into leaders prepared to serve God in the Church, the workplace, and the world. The institution is a regionally accredited Christian, multi-major institution located in San Dimas, California, and will become Life Pacific University July 1, 2019. The school has a rich, Pentecostal heritage in preparing Christian leaders dating back to 1923 and is endorsed by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

Search Committee

Dan Hedges (co-chair)
Life Pacific University, Board of Trustees
Jessie Cruickshank (co-chair)
Life Pacific University, Board of Trustees
Committee members were nominated by the Governance Committee of Life Pacific Board of Trustees due to their dedication to the University, its mission, its students and its future. The committee is balanced with both internal and external constituents, who have committed to intentionally and with all integrity engage the presidential search process, keeping minds and hearts open and spirits attuned to the leading of the Holy Spirit for all discernment and wisdom.

Search Timeline

This timeline provides broad guidelines for the search process. The actual timeline may differ based on factors out of the control of the committee. All applicants will be communicated to, on an individual basis, regarding the exact timeframe.

March - June
Search Opens
June - July
Preliminary Candidate Interviews
Finalist Interviews with Board of Trustees


Applications are now closed.

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Any questions or comments regarding the search process may be directed to the Presidential Search Committee by email at


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