lpcwm | March 27, 2015

Alumni, Dale and Carrie Jenkins

“When you get to dedicate the baby of someone who was in your youth group, watch them walk down the aisle, or even become pastors one day themselves, those moments are priceless treasures.” L.I.F.E Bible College East / Mount Vernon Bible College alumni Dale (‘92) and Carrie (Buchanan) Jenkins (‘90) express the joy of being a part of their church and community for a long season.

Dale and Carrie are the lead pastors at New Hope Worship Center in Concord, NC. They have been at New Hope for over 21 years, and were the youth pastors there for 13 years before taking the position of lead pastors. Both Dale and Carrie were on the L.I.F.E. East campus when their ministry journey began.

As a Mount Vernon Bible College graduate, Carrie recalls a couple of impacting lessons from her time of ministry training there: “I learned how to clearly hear the voice of God and to trust and discern the gifts of the Spirit. I also learned the power of intercessory prayer by my mentor, Betty Farrer. I will never forget the opportunities that President Ballard gave me. That kind of trust empowered me. L.I.F.E. East gave Dale and I both the opportunity to be sensitive to, and led by, the Holy Spirit in worship ministries. We also both really enjoyed the Preaching Practicum class. Studying the Word and crafting a message is one of our favorite things to do!”

Recounting another fond memory of her time at MVBC, Carrie remembers, “I used to be haunted by Mrs. Brackett's high standards for correct use of grammar and sentence structure… though today, I find myself correcting other people's grammar!”

Amidst the memory of such lighthearted times is the present reality of the legacy Dale and Carrie have drawn from, the same legacy of which they are now a part. As leaders of leaders, Dale and Carrie find that their love for their Biblical foundation and training even influences the leaders they themselves have raised up. They love staying connected with both Life Pacific College and the extension site, Ignite Academy, and have sent several students to study and train at both campuses.

The influence of such a dynamic duo is not merely local. Both halves of this incredible team serve in pivotal positions in Foursquare. Carrie is currently on the ICFG Board of Directors, and also serves on the Ignite Academy Board. Dale serves on the ICFG Cabinet, representing the Southeast District.

From their contribution to Foursquare, to the leaders they have trained and sent out, to the local families they serve on a weekly basis, there is no end to the blessing God bestows on His people through this amazing couple. Though they would certainly shrink from praise, this much is clear: If you listen closely, you can hear the gentle voice of their heavenly Father saying, “Well done!”

Dale and Carrie have been married for 23 years and have 2 children, Gabby (19) and Kaleb (17) a junior in high school. Dale and Carrie are currently scheduled as session emcees for “Sent”: Foursquare Connection 2015, to be held in Anaheim, CA.