Dr. Jim J. Adams - President Emeritus | April 28, 2015

The President’s 10-Point Shared Vision for LPC includes a focus on internationalizing the College and that is happening through increased worldwide partnerships and expanded cross-cultural experiences for our students.

By: Jim J. Adams, Ed.D.

This summer, 40 LPC students will participate in international, cross-cultural learning in four different nations and the experience will change their lives. Then, next fall, students will spend most of a semester interacting with locals in places like Turkey and Greece and some will travel to biblical locations in the Middle East and spend time with people in secular Muslim environments.

Wherever they go, LPC students will discover a global perspective. They will be challenged to view people of diverse cultural groups through the eyes of God and His plan for their lives. They will experience learning that truly transforms their outlook on the world.

The Gold standard for college education today is for students to experience global learning at virtually the same cost as residential living on campus. We are pleased to say that students experience this gold standard when they enroll at Life Pacific College.

In addition to traveling the world, we all understand that the nations are coming to us. We must be ready to engage people of differing cultural backgrounds when we meet them, right here in the U.S.

At LPC, we create opportunities for students to break out of the traditional classroom and experience life in settings as diverse as the people God created. Students who focus on cross-cultural studies can expand their understanding of myriad people groups while training in Detroit, Mich. Our human development and psychology students will further their knowledge of their degree program as they spend a semester in Detroit and Chicago, Ill.

Students in every level of degree program at LPC can benefit from our global and local approach to higher education. Undergraduate students at our IGNITE campus in Christiansburg, Va. experience ministry training while immersed in some 30,000 hours of local community service and global outreaches. In just a few weeks, I will award LPC AA degrees to IGNITE students some of whom will continue their bachelor’s degree education online with LPC.

In July, the MASL (Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership) will launch a cohort in Denver, Colo. This pilot program will bring together graduate students from the Gateway District of Foursquare Churches and will follow these students throughout their entire MA program. Gateway District Supervisor Dr. Sam Rockwell serves as chair of the LPC board of trustees and as an adjunct professor, and is a tremendous partner in the development of this new cohort.

Yes, LPC is expanding beyond San Dimas and Southern California. As we explore innovations to reach around the world, you might say we are putting the “I” back in LIFE, as our students experience more local and “international” opportunities for learning.

We hope you will join us make Life global, until we reach the world!

Jim J. Adams, Ed.D., President of Life Pacific College