lpceditor | January 13, 2013

How DeeDee was forced to think in fresh ways

As the wife of the president, DeeDee Flores has a special relationship with the college. However, she is more than just the First Lady of Life Pacific College. DeeDee earned her bachelor degree in Ministry and Leadership in 2008 as a graduate of the Degree Completion Program. Today she is a student in the master’s program pursuing a degree in Strategic Leadership with an emphasis in Ministry. DeeDee is also a loyal and generous donor to the college and is dearly loved by the students.

“I absolutely loved the degree completion format. It had been 27 years since I was in school, so I was super intimidated to go back to college and complete my degree. It didn’t take long to adjust to the online community, and it really helped me engage with my classmates and caused me to grow. I was in full-time pastoral ministry while being a student, so I was immediately able to apply what I learned to my ministry context. That was an amazing benefit that I truly did not expect.

“The format of the master’s program at LPC is similar to the Degree Completion Program. The online community among my fellow students is so intense that until you experience it, you don’t fully grasp the power of communicating with classmates and professors online. The MASL program is challenging and requires me to dig deeper. My cohort of pastors and leaders has realized that it’s so easy to be fully consumed in our own ministry and not realize all that is available to us. By opening ourselves to great thinkers beyond our own ministries, we are forced to think in fresh ways and envision new possibilities for more effective ministry.

“Robert came to LPC in July 2008 as the interim president. We’re entering our fifth year at LPC and the coolest thing I’ve seen over the past four years is the resurgence of intensity among our students. Each year, students arrive on campus with a deeper passion for the Lord. This student-driven passion, combined with the dedication of a united team of faculty and staff, has created a growing wave of momentum! Obviously, the Lord is at work. Alongside this momentum across campus, there is a beautiful sense of partnership and greater connection with the field. This collaboration fuels the college to take bold and courageous steps toward what God has planned for Life Pacific College.”

Are you interested in hearing about the Degree Completion Program or the master’s program? Contact Amber Burnett at 1 (800) 510-8169 or by email at aburnett@lifepacific.edu.