Dr. Jim J. Adams - President Emeritus | May 22, 2015

From the inception of LPC, the goal has been to equip and send the best graduates around the world in the service of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. This year’s graduates join that great throng of ministers and business leaders, teachers, and nurses, missionaries and global leaders, as they wrap the arms of Jesus around the world.

Nearly 90 years ago, on the platform of Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, LPC founder Aimee Semple McPherson shook the hands of our first graduates, bestowing on them diplomas in recognition of their formal training in ministry and launching them into a life of Christian service.

This month I stood on that same platform perhaps even in the same spot where Sister McPherson stood. Along with our faculty and staff, I awarded baccalaureate and graduate degrees to the graduating class of 2015.

I was in awe at the sight. I wondered if the graduates of 1925 were as bold and jubilant as our 2015 graduates when they walked across the platform and celebrated their achievement. I wondered if they were as hopeful, as focused.

As in the time of Sister McPherson, our graduates today are answering the call of God on their lives. They will enter the work force as “salt and light” in the world of business, education, and the helping professions. Some will pursue their education with advanced degrees. Still others will hunker down in the ministry trenches and assume pastoral or staff positions in local churches.

We conferred degrees on two young men with one-way tickets to North Asia. Like others in their class and hundreds before them, these graduates will serve the Lord in a nation where many believers will never go.

One thing is certain: LPC graduates are committed to going to the nations and bringing the love of Christ to a needy world, even if it means going with a one-way ticket.

I thought about those early graduates, many who were sent to foreign fields with no particular plans of ever returning home. Again I was in awe with the realization that some never did.

Among the 124 graduates that crossed the Angelus Temple and Crosspoint (LPC-Ignite) stages this month were some of the bravest students LPC serves. These are the men and women who complete their college degree while serving in ministry positions, working full time jobs and raising families. The heroism I observe in these graduates is inspiring to me, and I especially appreciate handing them their diplomas.

Another academic year has come and gone. As our faculty and staff complete another school year, gearing down for a summer break, our graduates are gearing up for an exciting new chapter in their lives. We could not be prouder of their accomplishment. We could not be more hopeful about their prospects for the future and for what they will accomplish for the Kingdom of God.

Once again I catch myself standing in awe at God’s unique grace on Life Pacific College as we send our very best and upon our graduates as they extend the reach of the Kingdom of God in our local communities and around the world.


By: Jim J. Adams, Ed.D., president of Life Pacific College