JessieFure | March 27, 2015

When God calls, you have a choice. When He takes us up to a high place, and shows what life could be like if you took a courageous leap, you have a decision to make: to see it fulfilled or to stay in the comforts of the "known;" to ride the wind of God's calling or to engrave the ground with prints of our fearful shoes.

Over the last five years, we have been living and giving ourselves to the international community of Denver. From pastoring the Chinese to shepherding students from virtually every background, we have walked the streets of Denver and found our passports filled, stamped by unforgettable friends wearing colorful smiling faces.

It has affirmed our identity, our calling, to spend ourselves for the foreigners in our midst. To advocate for the minority in every circle, in every room.

For over five years now, Haley (’09) has pioneered an innovative way to responsibly educate and spiritually disciple the refugee kids of Denver, bringing over a dozen nationalities together to learn and experience Jesus' love.

The Call:
In 2013 two different people had visions of Haley and I standing on a diving board…jumping up and down, over and over—each time getting launched higher and higher—in anticipation to diving off into the unknown water below. As part of that vision was also the phrase, “Ethiopia is only the beginning.”

I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I knew that it was from God.

In 2014, I was at one of our weekly prayer meetings—praying for two of our Chinese Christians to go to Ethiopia, take the leap of faith, lay down their comforts and boldly go. God turned the tables on me in the form of a question, "What if you are supposed to go?!"

God confirmed He is the author of this call, the instigator of the jump when we went to a prayer meeting saying, “We aren’t leaving this church without an answer.”

We got in line to get prayed for. The first words out of the mouth of the pastor were, “I see you at an airport, and you are in transit.” That’s what we needed to move forward.

The Adventure:
This is an adventure for His Kingdom, for His cause in this world; for Africa.

The very things he has empowered us to do in the past has opened up the doors for the things we will be doing in the future.

Thousands of internationals are flooding Ethiopia’s boarders. Just as God commanded His people in Leviticus 19:33 to treat the foreigners in the land as native-born, we too will be continuing to champion the cause of the foreigners and reaching out with his compassion and love. A door has opened for Haley to work with a team to start an international school with one goal—to transform Africa by intentionally discipling her children. Home of the African Union, Ethiopia brings in diplomats from all over the world. As the sons and daughters of diplomats and Ethiopians alike enroll in the school, we will be literally discipling the nations-raising up the next. It’s time for us to answer the call—to take this leap of faith.


By: Jesse Millar ('10)