January 17, 2014
Announcement: New Faculty Chair of Human Development and Psychology  Life Pacific College announced this week that Dr. Gayle Samples will join its full time faculty this month. Samples was selected as the Chair of the ... READ MORE
January 3, 2014
Everyone knows it’s not how you start the race, but how you finish that matters. For many in-service leaders, young adults, moms or those seeking second career opportunities, the online BA in Ministry and Leadership ... READ MORE
December 5, 2013
Commencement 2013 at historic Angelus Temple, one of the largest in a decade, was a wonderful celebration for our graduates. Degrees were awarded to students from our traditional undergraduate, AA, and Degree Completion ... READ MORE
December 4, 2013
Leading up to our mission to Mexico, I could sense the fragile nature of my heart with the expectancy of what God had in store. It felt as if my heart was made out of fine crystal glass. At the start of our trip, the ... READ MORE
December 4, 2013
In July of 2013, three Foursquare youth pastors and their students joined together  for a combined missions trip to the Navajo Nation. Reid Powell '06 (Newlife, Pomona, CA), Judah Trabulsi 06' (Living Way, Littleton, CO ... READ MORE
December 4, 2013
There is a phrase that we often repeat here at West Salem Foursquare. While simple in language and in concept, it has the ability to make a huge impact. It goes: Love Your City. Perhaps the brilliance of this statement ... READ MORE
November 7, 2013
They first appeared during Welcome Weekend, as students arrived on campus and moved into the dorms.  From the courtyard to the parking lot, whimsical blue-and-gold banners adorned each lamppost, inspiring all who ... READ MORE