October 21, 2015
The world is coming to us and opportunities abound for reaching out cross culturally every day of our lives. Still, God calls some of us – a growing number – to reach beyond our borders, and LPC students are going in ... READ MORE
October 21, 2015
God’s confirmation was all Terry needed to develop and encourage global learning experiences that continue to transform the lives of his students. “My life passion is to raise up workers to see the ‘field white unto ... READ MORE
September 28, 2015
This fall, we welcomed the largest incoming traditional class in over a decade to join the ranks of returning LPC Warriors and their non-traditional counterparts for a total student population of 589. Please let that ... READ MORE
September 21, 2015
Along with co-pastoring alongside husband Jared at The River in Norco, California and raising three beautiful children (Wyatt, Aubrie, and Addington), Mandy also serves as the Visit and Events Coordinator at LPC while ... READ MORE
September 21, 2015
The first in her family to attend college, LPC Professor Sophia Magallanes earned a B.A. (’02) and an M.A. (’04) both in biblical studies from Azusa Pacific University, an M.A. in theology (’06) from Fuller Theological ... READ MORE
August 26, 2015
People don’t necessarily think of themselves as “greenhouse plants.” However, when it comes to nurturing a healthy and accelerated process of growth, the results can truly be remarkable. This month in Denver, Colorado, ... READ MORE
August 25, 2015
Life Pacific Professor Dr. Jan Spencer is a goofball. At least that’s what one Facebook friend says. Check out his page and you’ll find all sorts of photos with goofy expressions, ridiculous hats, and lots of fun with ... READ MORE