December 4, 2013
There is a phrase that we often repeat here at West Salem Foursquare. While simple in language and in concept, it has the ability to make a huge impact. It goes: Love Your City. Perhaps the brilliance of this statement ... READ MORE
November 7, 2013
They first appeared during Welcome Weekend, as students arrived on campus and moved into the dorms.  From the courtyard to the parking lot, whimsical blue-and-gold banners adorned each lamppost, inspiring all who ... READ MORE
October 18, 2013
Brittany La Porte: A Foundation to Dream. Many high school students desire a college experience that is meaningful, educational and foundational for the fulfillment of big dreams.  The transition from high school to ... READ MORE
September 25, 2013
Luke La Vine: A Passion for Spiritual Health As the fall 2013 semester begins at Life Pacific College, many of us are wondering, “Who are these new students? What are their stories?” To help identify with some of these ... READ MORE
September 5, 2013
Press Release New Bachelor's Degrees: Human Development & Psychology and Business Administration September 2013 President Jim J. Adams is pleased to announce the launch of new bachelor's degrees in Human Development ... READ MORE
August 2, 2013
Press Release New Vice President of Academic Affairs We are proud to announce Michael Salmeier as the Vice President of Academic Affairs effective August 1, 2013. President Jim J. Adams states, "As Vice President, ... READ MORE
July 11, 2013
Do you remember what it was like to move away from home and go to college? It can be the most exciting time in your life, but it can also be the scariest! For a young freshman, it doesn’t take long to get a little ... READ MORE