March 26, 2015
What happens after Life Pacific? This is a question I hear often from prospective LPC students and their parents. It’s a fair question, too. Investing in higher education is a significant commitment and every family ... READ MORE
March 17, 2015
WSCUC Accreditation Update President Jim J. Adams received the WSCUC (our accrediting body) Commission Action Letter with VERY GOOD NEWS on Friday, March 6, 2015.  The Commission found Life Pacific College in ... READ MORE
February 23, 2015
Competitive college athletics can be exciting for students and alumni, especially when the home team is on a winning streak. There aren’t many things quite as exciting as quality college sports; crowds sporting Warrior ... READ MORE
February 18, 2015
Learning from history often propels us to a more successful future. The return of intercollegiate athletics to the Life Pacific College campus will advance the mission of LPC and meet an intrinsic need of high caliber ... READ MORE
February 3, 2015
Scholarship applications are due on or before May 1, 2016. How do I apply for scholarships?  Check out the application process, then download the scholarship application that interests you, fill it out completely and ... READ MORE
January 21, 2015
According to a recent CNBC report, 50% of all Americans hate their jobs. Social surveys tell us that even when a person has trained in college for the work they do, they still hate that job. I want every student at Life ... READ MORE
January 20, 2015
“My passion in life is to help people find emotional and spiritual healing,” says 24-year old LPC student Rebecca Angus. “I didn’t know when I came to LPC how my personality would interact with that goal.” Rebecca was a ... READ MORE