September 25, 2017
Konichiwa from Osaka, Japan!  A few of you may know that I came to Life Pacific College in 2006, but I began my studies at Life Bible College through the distance learning program. After serving God in Okinawa for ... READ MORE
September 22, 2017
Need a job? Have a ministry position to fill? Look no further than FoursquareLink, LPC and Foursquare’s new top of the line online job board, powered by Symplicity.  By: Rod Light Life Pacific has a long history of ... READ MORE
September 11, 2017
FROM THE DESK OF PRESIDENT JIM J. ADAMS. . . The United States Attorney General announced the rescission of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in six months. This decision is causing widespread fear and ... READ MORE
August 29, 2017
Ministry leaders, mission executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders are earning graduate degrees through Life Pacific regional cohorts in Virginia, Colorado, Oregon, California, Texas, and even in Singapore.   By ... READ MORE
August 29, 2017
After decades of returning to school after summer break, President Jim J. Adams has discovered the importance of preparation for a new school year.   By: Jim J. Adams, Ed.D., LPC President Before the popularity of ... READ MORE
August 29, 2017
This summer, 39 Life Pacific interns served a variety of roles, here in the U.S. and around the world. Some served with Foursquare minister Bob Horn in Bothell, Washington where they experienced God’s transformation ... READ MORE
July 25, 2017
Foursquare Pastor Bernie Federmann knew Life Pacific Junior Marlene Munoz had a unique gift the first time he met her. He was excited when a summer internship allowed her to share that gift with his community in Lompoc ... READ MORE