The M.A. in Theological Studies is an accelerated, online program designed for those who want to sharpen and deepen their understanding of the Bible and theology in an engaged online community. This program’s unique focus is to integrate effective educational tools and rigorous study of the Bible and theology from a Pentecostal perspective to help you facilitate transformative learning experiences for your Church. This is accomplished through learning skills and content but also by intentionally exploring how God desires to shape you by drawing you closer to Christ and transforming you by his Spirit throughout your learning experience. As you explore not only your own questions but contemporary challenges and opportunities, you will gain confidence in understanding and teaching on key issues in your context. Click or tap here to view the program fact sheet.

4 Distinctives of Our M.A. in Theological Studies

+ Spiritual Formation, Not Just Information
+ Engage Culture and Contemporary Theology
+ Pentecostal Perspective
+ Special Emphasis on Teaching Skills for Your Ministry

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