LPU-Ignite, an extension campus of Life Pacific University, concurrently enrolls students in accredited college classes through Life Pacific University offering a hybrid 4-year educational experience. The traditional residential program in Christiansburg, Virginia, offers students an A.A. in General Studies (64 units), followed by a non-traditional online B.A. through Life Pacific University.  This online and on-campus hybrid educational experience makes it possible for students to engage in traditional ministry, marketplace ministry, entrepreneurial startups, social services, and more. Graduates of LPU-Ignite are well prepared to enter vocational ministry, begin their careers, or pursue further education on campus at Life Pacific University or online through LPU’s online bachelor’s of arts programs. 

In addition to the academic calendar, students serve 4 to 7 hours each week in the local community, local churches and with various outreach ministries. Historically LPU–Ignite students will serve collectively over 7500 hours each semester.  Following the spring semester, students will travel to one of multiple global mission stations for 18+ days of outreach and mission service. Such experiences provide students with ministry formation experience and practical, hands-on leadership development throughout the semester. We believe the strongest community is built by living, working, and growing together as a team.

"LPU’s Extension Campus Offers a hybrid educational experience – on campus and online, which makes it possible for students to engage in entrepreneurial start-ups, market place ministry, social services, and internships while earning an accredited bachelor’s degree."

The extension campus was founded in 2008 focused on the traditions of higher education, solid biblical teaching, relational discipleship, global mission experiences, community service & development, and ministry training. Students enroll in a very unique collegiate experience where practical, hands-on training is collaborated with formal academic disciplines to serve God and people. LPU–Ignite is intentionally missional in all approaches to education, training and deployment of students into their future as church and community leaders.


As an extension campus of Life Pacific University in San Dimas, California, LPU–Ignite, offers a regionally accredited, State of Virginia certified, U.S. Board of Education recognized Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies. Additionally, Bachelor of Arts degrees in Ministry in Leadership and Organizational Management* (launching 2018) are available in partnership with Life Pacific University through online course work. Both programs are also WSCUC and ABHE accredited. 

*Pending accreditor final approval

Online Bachelors Degree Completion

The Degree Completion program is perfect for LPU-Ignite graduates who want to further their education and complete a Bachelor's of Art in Ministry & Leadership. The program is designed to assist leaders who desire a flexible college program that fits around the demands of work, family, and ministry. The ideal students are highly motivated and those who are full-time pastors, part-time youth leaders, and anywhere in between. LPU-Ignite graduates that are continuing for a 3rd and 4th year at the LPU-Ignite Campus are ideal candidates and can work together in cohort style. Click here to learn more about LPU's online bachelor’s degrees.

Founding President - Mike Larkin, Ph.D.

Extension Site Director

Dr. Michael Larkin has served the community as a YMCA executive, in the local church as an associate pastor, at Foursquare Missions International as the director of missions and at Life Pacific University as a full time and adjunct professor.  He has two earned Bachelor’s degrees in theology and organizational management, an MBA with emphasis in non-profit and international business leadership, and a PhD in Missiology with emphasis on global leadership and Pentecostal mission structure. 

If you are interested in learning more about the LPU-Ignite program, please visit ignite.lifepacific.edu.