Monday, February 22, 2021 - 10:00am to Friday, February 26, 2021 - 2:00pm

This Spring, we are excited to announce we will be hosting our first annual Career Week, where students are given multiple opportunities throughout the week to develop and prepare for their career next steps. Opportunities will include:

  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Tune-Ups
  • Workshops and Seminars on Life Skills development
  • And our largest event of the week, the Internship and Career Fair

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Virtual Internship and Career Fair

Tuesday, February 23, 10:00am - 2:00pm PT

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One of our favorite events at LPU is the Internship and Career Fair! This networking event connects students and employers who are offering job and internship opportunities. Beyond the value of these initial connections, students get to exercise and develop skills during the event itself. Students are expected to dress in business attire, bring their updated, current resume and even interview for positions if applicable. With over 55 employers, spanning all degrees, this event is a staple we don’t want our students or partners to miss!

Please note - this year, our Internship and Career fair will be held VIRTUALLY on Handshake.

If you are an employer and want to register for the event, please check back here soon for more information or email us at 

If you are not yet on Handshake, follow the instructions on this helpful article: Getting Started with Handshake: Employers  

Employer Information

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What: Life Pacific University's annual Internship & Career Fair

When: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 from 10am-2pm PT.

Where: Virtual, on Handshake

How: You can have 30 minute group sessions and multiple 10 minute 1:1's. You set up the time frames. Students sign up for them prior to the event.

Cost: $50

Registration Includes:

  • Employer profile online for students, link to your organization's web page on Handshake.
  • Employer listing in our Fair Guide.

Though we can't be in person this year, it doesn't mean we plan to put our careers on hold! We are pressing in despite the challenges we have all faced, making remote connections and building networks. We want you to be part of this incredible opportunity to connect with our students! Register today! Click the button below to register.

If you are not yet on Handshake, follow the instructions on this helpful article: Getting Started with Handshake: Employers  

Once you set up your account, here’s another great resource to get started with the Virtual Fair: Virtual Fairs in Handshake: A Guide for Employers

Registration Fees:

  • LPU Internship & Career Fair (10-2pm): $50
  • San Dimas Chamber of Commerce Career Fair (2-6pm): $50 for chamber, $75 for non-chamber, Addt’l $25 to participate in LPU’s Fair

Basic Guidelines for Job Posts on Handshake:

  • Positions can be either part-time or full-time.
  • Positions must be career-related.
  • The posting must include a clear position description with expected duties, required skills and abilities and anticipated salary range, whether hourly, monthly or base pay plus commission.
  • Contact information must contain a functional street/mailing address, email address and phone number.
  • Commission-only positions must be clearly stated as such.
  • Fees for application are prohibited.

Basic Guidelines for Internships with LPU:

Internships at Life Pacific University are supervised work-learn experiences in a professional environment outside the classroom to invest in a student's academic and career goals.

  • Students at all class levels are eligible to participate in internships, depending upon the requirements of the organization.
  • An internship requires a minimum of 150 hours in one semester commitment and can span multiple semesters.
  • Internships are guided, supervised and evaluated by professionals.
  • Internships ideally are paid; however, if the internship is unpaid, duties may not replace those of paid employees.
  • Juniors/Seniors are required to complete an internship for academic credit. Academic credit requires faculty approval and registration for the course. OCV can assist getting students started with this process, or students can reach out to their program chair.

If you are interested in becoming an approved Internship Site for LPU, please fill out this application here: LPU Internship Site Application. Email with any questions. Thank you

Student Information

Each year OCV hosts the Internship & Career Fair during Career Week. Registration is required and sign-ups for sessions to meet with employers must be selected prior to the fair. Check back frequently as employers may add sessions up to the fair date.

Students can begin signing up for sessions February 2, 2021. Click here to sign-up for sessions.

Prepare for the Virtual Internship and Career Fair

Prepare to interact with Employers

  1. Research companies and organizations and decide which sessions you are most interested in. Also check back frequently as employers may add sessions up to the fair date.
  2. Have a well-crafted resume and Handshake Profile. If you haven’t, prior to the fair, have your resume checked by OCV or the ARC for revisions. Then upload to your Handshake profile and under “Manage Documents,” select the option to make your resume visible.
  3. Prepare to make an impression. Rehearse your introductions and be able to say why you’d be a good candidate for your target organizations. Set up and test your technology and space. Dress in business attire.

Learn how to use the Handshake fair platform and test your technology before joining employer sessions.

  1. Types of Sessions - The virtual career fair has two types of sessions: 1:1 and group sessions.
    1. 1:1 Sessions: A 1:1 session is scheduled for 10 minutes. Before the session, a launch video button will appear. Join the session up to 5 minutes before to confirm your audio and video works.
    2. Group Sessions: A session can have up to 50 students. Students can ask questions via chat during a group session or "raise their hand" to ask a question. Before the session, a launch video button will appear. Join the session up to 5 minutes before to confirm your audio and video works.
  2. General info:
    1. Cameras and mics will automatically turn off for every session that has over 15 participants.
    2. If a meeting connection with an employer is lost due to technical issues, you will have until the meeting end time to rejoin a session.
    3. An employer will not be able to see your profile if you have not signed up for a 1:1 or group session.
      • If a student does not get the opportunity to sign up for a session, they are encouraged to connect with the company on Handshake and "follow" the company profile to get notified of opportunities available.
  3. Privacy Settings
    1. To participate in a group session (or both 1:1 and group session), the student's account MUST be set to Community.
    2. How to do so: Handshake Student Dashboard > Click Student image at the top right > From drop-down menu that appears click "Settings and Privacy" > scroll towards middle of the page and click "Community" > Save update
  4. Signing up for a Session
    1. Registration for the fair is required to sign up for 1:1 and Group Sessions.
    2. Students can sign up for sessions on the day of the fair; they have up to 1 minute before a session start time to sign up if they would like to participate.
    3. For reference go to:
  5. Day of Fair - Accessing Your Fair Schedule
    1. Once logged into Handshake, a green bar will appear at the top of the screen with a notification that reads "Career Fair today!" - Click on Fair Schedule hyperlink
    2. 5 minutes before each session, a "Join Video" button will appear next to their scheduled time slot.
    3. A test video will appear before entering the session.
    4. Check audio and video settings before launching video by clicking the 3 dots on the test window.
    5. Click "join video" to connect with the recruiter.
    6. Review this Handshake reference article.
  6. Resume - "Giving" Your Resume to a Recruiter
    1. Updating your Handshake profile and uploading your resume is recommended. After attending the fair, recruiters will have access to download resumes attached to your Handshake profile.
    2. Upload a resume under "Documents" in your profile. Then, set the resume to "visible" in order for employers to access it. For more information, watch this Handshake video on YouTube.
  7. Tech Tips:
    1. Use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience
    2. Close all unused tabs and apps
    3. Clear cache
    4. Reboot and try another device if possible
    5. Confirm you've granted permission on browser or app for both audio and video
    6. Test the sound and microphone by using another platform or application on device

Student Support:

  1. Email for help (Kristina Stover & Josh Ortega)
  2. Handshake Article - Testing Video/Tech and Troubleshooting
  3. Google Chrome Support