Headshot of Professor Edwin Valladares
Edwin M. Valladares, M.S.
Adjunct Professor

Edwin Valladares is an Adjunct Professor in the General Studies Department at Life Pacific University. He is married to Debra Valladares and has two kids, Chase and Olive Selah. Edwin and his family all attend and serve at Angelus Temple Hispanic in Los Angeles. Edwin shares that his family is one that “thirsts for knowing God more and teaching others how to apply practical Biblical principles so they can accomplish their God given dreams and visions.”

Edwin began teaching at Life Pacific in the fall of 2018. He teaches Integrated Life Science Laboratory. Edwin comes to Life Pacific with an impressive academic and professional background and a sincere heart for the gospel and for students at Life Pacific.

Professor Valladares earned a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from University of Southern California (USC) and M.S. in Physiological Science from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He is currently in process of earning a M.A. in Theology with a Certificate in Recovery Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, with expected completion in 2019. Edwin is also working towards his Ed.D in Organizational Change and Leadership at USC, with expected completion in 2022. This unique blend of science, ministry, and education make Edwin a perfect fit for Life Pacific.

In addition to an impressive educational background, Edwin has extensive teaching and professional experience. Edwin has been lecturing since 2005. Outside of the classroom, he is the Manager and Sr. Polysomnography Technologist at the USC Sleep Disorders Center at Keck Hospital of USC, and faculty for the USC Sleep Medicine and Neurophysiology Fellowships. Edwin has co-authored 61 manuscripts, including Novel Therapies for Sleep Apnea - The Implants Have Arrived!, co-authored with TC. Hammond and published in The Neurodiagnostic Journal in June 2018. His areas of specialization include polysomnography, neural and cardiac correlates in obstructive sleep apnea, and the use of neurostimulators for the treatment of sleep apnea.

Outside of his work in sciences, Edwin is very involved in his church. Edwin has served as Church Council Member at Angelus Temple Hispanic Congregation since 2004. In 2017, he and his wife began serving as a Group Leaders for the Young Adults Ministry (Refining Place) at Angelus Temple Hispanic. His passion for the church is why Edwin loves to teach at Life Pacific. Edwin shares that he is “thrilled to be a part of shaping the next generation of Pentecostal Christian leaders.” He says, “God called me to work in the field of science, to be a missionary wherever he took me. I love to tell young men and women how God has used me to be Jesus to people in medicine and science. At Life Pacific, I can bring my love for the Lord, science, and teaching, together for His glory.”

Email: evalladares@lifepacific.edu