Multi-Cultural Student Organization (MSO) Vision 

At Life Pacific University, we acknowledge that the Kingdom of God is beautifully diverse, representing people of all nations and cultures. With over half of our student body being students of color and over thirty percent of students being Hispanic and/or Latino, Life Pacific University has been designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution by the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities. 

As LPU works on representation of its student population and to better resource it's diverse community, the Multi-Cultural Student Organization (MSO) has joined their efforts through the Office of Student Development to bring about awareness and education on a range topics in relation to the institutions mission and Biblical call to action. These topics include politics, racism, discrimination, and marginalization because these topics, amongst many others, effect student life on campus everyday.  

MSO's vision is to promote diversity, equality, and inlcusion. We strive to be a student orgaization that promotes diversity and inclusion. By connecting students to one another and advocating for prgrams and policies influenced by multicultural perspectives, MSO seeks to enhance socio-political awareness, cultivate social civility and tolerance, and promote academic success through the decentralization of euro-centric approaches to discipleship, education, and theology.

MSO Purpose

The purpose of MSO is to advocate for the reallocation of resources and the restructuring of the socio-cultural frameworks. Our goal is to partner with the LPU community in order to be the catalyst for structural and institutional reformation. in effort to provide an envrionment conducive to mutual learning and co-constructive education, from different backgrounds, about our various cultures, the organization seeks to bring together all of the student populations.

MSO Values

Reconciliation, racial reconciliation, awareness, equality, justice, peace, love, truth, scripture, carrying out the mission of the college, and what is biblically mandated. 

Points of Emphasis

1. Annual and ongoing diversity, sensitivity, and inclusion training for students, staff, faculty, and administration; moving toward inclusion and embracing of “the other” and engaging in courageous conversation.

2. The diversification of classroom curriculum and resources to enhance the academic success of all Life Pacific students as we move towards a theology that is culturally competent and inclusive of diverse voices, perspectives, and ways of life.

3. MSO supports the hiring of staff, faculty, and administration of color who hold significant decision-making positions who value diversity within the staff and aids in shaping the direction and culture of the university.

4. Creating bridge programs and scholarships dedicated to first generation, immigrant, undocumented, and foreign exchange students to better support them as they integrate into campus.

5. Implementation of politics and procedures influenced by multicultural perspectives, as well as the voice of the differently abled, to create both structural and institutional level change.

6. The hiring of a Chief Diversity Officer.

Get Involved

Do you want to build new friendships and expand your perspective? Do you have concerns you want to voice? Do you want to grow as a leader, equipped to serve an increasingly diverse world? Connect with the LPU Multi-cultural Student Organization today! You can share your voice and participate in MSO town hall meetings, events, and projects. We are located in G Dorm 1st Floor next to the Health and Wellness Center.

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