Vision for Diversity at Life Pacific College

In our dedication to Christian discipleship and in obedience to the biblical mandate for diversity that leads to unity (Joel 2:28-29//Acts 2; Gal 3:6-29; 1 Cor 12; Rev 7:9), being guided by the institutional mission of Life Pacific College and the four cardinal doctrines of the Foursquare Church, and committed to the diverse voices of our community, we at LPC strive to be a communal witness of God’s plan of redemption for all creation as we live, learn, and labor together in love for inclusion, justice, and reconciliation.

Jesus Christ the Savior

We affirm that the Cross transforms our diversity from being what divides us into what unites us as the Body of Christ.

Therefore, we commit to:

  • supporting student, staff, and faculty success by offering equitable access;
  • engaging in civil dialogue between individual/group perspectives;
  • valuing difference by participating in mutual learning in safe environments.

Jesus Christ the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit

We, as a Pentecostal community, seek to facilitate understanding between every member of our diverse constituencies as the Spirit empowers, renews, and gives utterance.

Therefore, we commit to:

  • promoting an understanding of the complexity of human identity that ultimately leads to a deeper commitment towards unity;
  • affirming that charitable intercultural engagement includes Christlike interaction with people on campus as well as in study abroad;
  • developing tangible ways to experience diversity in our student services, curriculum, and spiritual life.

Jesus Christ the Healer

We participate in Christ’s healing work by the power of the Holy Spirit to create places of heal- ing for the powerless who are wounded as well as the powerful who are often unable to recog- nize systemic injustice.

Therefore, we commit to:

  • repenting from our complicity in unjust systems, to Christ that he may heal us from our failure to respond to marginalized voices;
  • recognizing God’s image in all people by promoting equitable systems that restore human dignity to the marginalized while denouncing individual/systemic practices that dehumanize and demonize;
  • cultivating human flourishing by removing obstacles caused by individual prejudice and systemic conditions.

Jesus Christ the Soon and Coming King

We witness God’s coming Kingdom by moving beyond appreciation and accommodation to- wards becoming an institution of biblical higher education where members of every tongue, tribe, and nation live in equity and inclusion.

Therefore, we commit to:

  • modeling eschatological hope by recruiting students, and hiring faculty, staff, and administration from all people inclusive of diverse cultural, ethnic, gender, social-economic backgrounds, and the differently abled;
  • building sustainable structures for equity and inclusion monitored by assessable metrics;
  • the transformational development of students into leaders in justice and reconciliation in the Church, the workplace, and the world. 

Multi-Cultural Student Union (MSU) Vision 

At Life Pacific College, we acknowledge that the Kingdom of God is beautifully diverse, representing people of all nations and cultures. With over half of our student body being students of color and over thirty percent of students being Hispanic and/or Latino, Life Pacific College has been designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution by the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities. 

As LPC works on representation of its student population and to better resource it's diverse community, the Multi-Cultural Student Union (MSU) has joined their efforts through the Office of Student Development to bring about awareness and education on a range topics in relation to the institutions mission and Biblical call to action. These topics include politics, racism, discrimination, and marginalization because these topics, amongst many others, effect student life on campus everyday.  

MSU strives to normalize these conversations, which at times can be uncomfortable, to help break down the various barriers that currently exist between the community. 

MSU desires reconciliation and understands that in effort to fulfill the mission of the Kingdom and reach the every tongue, every tribe, every nation, and ultimately the ends of the earth, we must first begin by reaching the ends of LPC’s campus. 

MSU intends to empower and provide students with a platform to freely and openly express themselves."

Get Involved

Do you want to build new friendships and expand your perspective? Do you have concerns you want to voice? Do you want to grow as a leader, equipped to serve an increasingly diverse world? Connect with the LPC Multi-cultural Student Union today! You can share your voice and participate in MSU town hall meetings, events, and projects.


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