The Transformational Ministry program prepares leaders to serve in church and the marketplace, Students can focus on missions, counseling, student ministry, pastoral ministry, leadership, and more! The purpose of our traditional undergraduate program is to equip individuals with a deep understanding of the Bible, theological synthesis, and hermeneutical practices, gain understanding of the value of the major fields of knowledge from a biblical framework, and possess the desire and foundation necessary to be a lifelong learner; students will attain the skills necessary for ministry inside and outside of the local church. They will learn to integrate education, spiritual life, and experience into a consistent lifestyle of personal spiritual growth and character that reflects Christian values.

Program Goals

Graduates of this program will be able to:
  • Develop a Spirit-filled theology in order to minister in the Holy Spirit using Spiritual Gifts.
  • Practice and describe key skills a leader must have for a lifetime of personal and spiritual formation and growth.
  • Analyze leadership models and theories and develop emerging leader's skill set for leading in the corporate environment.
  • Evaluate organizational dynamics, culture, and structure to guide the implementation of visionary strategies.
  • Analyze global cultural issues for the purpose of strategic planning and contextual communication of the Gospel message.