The Business Administration program is for those who see business as a means for mission. Graduates are not just Christian business people, but those who see the boardroom, the store-front, and the start-up business as their field for doing ministry. The focus is the development of principles of business and management useful for the further advancement of God’s Kingdom. In addition to the required business courses, all graduates will receive a foundation (30 units) in Bible and theology.

The program is designed to encourage graduates to seek social, economic, environmental, and spiritual transformation through engagement in business. 

Program Goals

Graduates of this program will be able to:
  • Apply ethical leadership and management competencies.
  • Design systems and processes for managing resources effectively.
  • Design business plans and formulate forecasts to generate appropriate responses to information and situations that affect the success of those plans.
  • Generate competent and strategic business decisions consistent with a Christian worldview.
  • Conduct business in ways that promote the advance of God's kingdom and lead to social, economic, environmental, and spiritual transformation.