The Associated Student Government is the hub for student life. ASG is responsible for representing students, organizing events and activities, and fostering campus unity, and developing an engaging campus culture. The mission of the Associated Student Government (ASG) is to serve the unique and diverse LPU community, encourage exponential spiritual growth, empower students to become the leaders they were destined to be, and to unify our campus so that as a whole, we can bring glory to Christ. Each year, the ASG executive team identifies a theme for the student body. This year (2018-2019), the ASG team is leading our student body into a campus-wide expectation for the Lord to do something new (Isaiah 43:19) in bridging gaps, promoting collaboration, and encouraging an overall spirit of unity among our students, staff, and faculty.

The ASG Executive Team

The ASG Executive Team is comprised of the ASG President, Vice President, and multiple Cabinet Chairs who oversee specific areas of responsibility. Each ASG Executive Team Member oversees a volunteer cabinet of current students who help with events, carrying out initiatives, and fulfilling the responsibilities specific to their ASG branch. Each ASG Executive Team position is an elected position, chosen by the student body, the year prior to his or her term of service. Each term of service is for one academic year. Click or tap here to learn more about the ASG Executive Team roles.