The Associate of Arts in General Studies is a 2-year program that provides you with foundational understanding of the world in which you live and the skills you need to make a difference. You will study a broad curriculum taught from a pentecostal, Christian perspective while gaining marketable skills in written and oral communication, critical thinking, research, and quantitative reasoning. When you complete this program, you can continue on to earn a bachelor's degree through our online degree completion program or one of our traditional, residential programs. Enroll today!

Program Goals

  1. Apply critical and creative thinking skills to provide reasoned analysis of competing ideas as well as solutions to difficult problems.
  2. Analyze quantitative data to address questions, support arguments, and evaluate conclusions.
  3. Access and evaluate information in conducting research and conveying results of that research ethically to others.
  4. Compose multi-media presentations and written communicatons, including those specific to their discipline.
  5. Communicate orally in various settings, including those specific to their discipline. 
  6. Express an appreciation for the diversity of people and their cultures, in order to honor God's creative and his creation.
  7. Demonstrate an appropriate understanding of biblcial content, inductive Bible study, and theological synthesis for a Christian leader.
  8. Apply a Spirit-filled, biblical understanding of ministry to serve people as followers of Christ in the Church, home, workplace, and the world.
  9. Apply strategies necessary for continious development of knowledge and skills, integrating a Christian worldview within varioys physical, social, cultural, and technological envrionments and communities.