The Bible is central to the Christian life and faith. Unfortunately, countless people miss out on the transformative power of God’s word because they are confused, intimidated, or even misled. The world needs Christian leaders who love God, have a deep understanding of scripture, and are able to teach with truth and power. Life Pacific University’s A.A. in Biblical Studies will provide you with the foundation you need for ministry. Enroll now to become a leader who is prepared to serve God and teach His word.

Program Goals

  1. Describe the significance of the Bible's major characters and events as well as the Bible's principal theological themes. 
  2. Defend the Bible's authority as an infallible guide for matters of faith and practice.
  3. Apply the principles of the inductive Bible study method to analyze any type of Biblical text.
  4. Employ the method of theological synthesis (from the exegesis of Biblical texts to systematic theology) to summarize sound theological positions.