LPU Press Room | September 30, 2019

Jasmine Barron | Intern at Lifehouse Foursquare Church | San Antonio, TX

I had the amazing opportunity to serve in the wonderful city of San Antonio at Lifehouse Foursquare Church with Pastor Ryan and Kelly Coffey, Pastor Paul and Alisha Godin, and Rachel Van Proyen! These were the amazing people that took me in and made me family. Every single one of them being LPU alumnus and every single one of them seeing God's calling over my life and supporting and encouraging me along the way. From VBS to a missions trip to Colombia to NextGen: 12-24 Ministry, my summer was jam packed but the best thing that could have happened to me the summer before my senior year! I love every single one of the people that made my time in Texas the absolute best (and you know who you are)! From Ryan’s sarcastic Sunday sermons to Paul’s fun/crazy daily conversations + check in’s! This was what God knew I needed. I needed women like Alisha and Kelly to show me what it looks like to be a confident, loving, and fierce woman in ministry. I needed a friend like Rachel to talk to, have fun with, and to see Jesus for all He is. This summer was one for the books and I had amazing people who made that possible!

Owen Dooley Khan | Intern Coordinator at Old Oak Ranch Intern Coordinators |Sonora, CA

My name is Owen Dooley Khan and I am a Human Development and Psychology Major. This summer, I served under the Old Oak Ranch Conference Center in Sonora, California. I have been serving at a facility that holds Central Pacific District camps and numerous other camps such as Jesus Culture, Bethel and Assemblies of God that we (my family) have been serving for roughly 5 years. This summer was a little different because I was an intern coordinator for the boy interns along with Maggie Meija who coordinated with the girl interns. I think doing full-time ministry up at camp was an insightful experience because it was unlike other youth ministries I’ve experienced, where you see the youth only a couple of times per week, at Old Oak it is a full-time job! The ministry up at camp has stretched me. The interns that attended ranged from 13-20+ years old and I counseled and loved on a daily basis. This summer has shown me that my calling is to be in the profession where I am able to help others like I did this summer. This has been something I have been asking for confirmation about for a while. I love camp. Old Oak Ranch matters and if you want to serve youth ministries then it is the place to be!

Maggie Majia | Intern Coordinator at Old Oak Ranch Intern Coordinators |Sonora, CA

My name is Maggie and my summer at Old Oak Ranch was an emotional rollercoaster in the best way possible! I learned so much about shepherding people and how Jesus left his position behind to meet people where they are at. At Old Oak, I had the opportunity to serve as one of the intern coordinators, and it was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had so far! In the moments where I wasn’t filling out paperwork or unclogging toilets, I got to be with my intern girls (ages 14-16) laughing, crying and worshipping together. To me, this was something I never saw myself doing especially because I thought I wasn’t called to youth ministry; yet that is where I saw God stretch me the most. During my time at OOR, I learned to have a heart of compassion for high schoolers and middle schoolers because I realized that amid their struggles, they still craved to have a relationship with God. At the end of my internship, I realized that God was leading me to continue what I had learned this summer and apply it as I follow my call to be a foster mom, and love over all His littles.


Human Development and Psychology (HDP) Interns

"I am currently an intern at Bright Prospect which is a non-profit organization located in Pomona, California. This organization's mission is to serve high school students within the Pomona Unified School District to strive for a higher education aiming to empower students to and through college. This summer I have been given the role as College Volunteer Coordinator."

- Nicole Centeno


"The internship agency I am working with this summer is the Center for Racial Reconciliation at

Fellowship Monrovia. The purpose of the agency is to serve the community in conversations and practices leading to racial reconciliation--individually and then systemically. The center provides learning opportunities and experiences through the form of teaching workshops."

- Jessica Lopez


"My internship is with The Thaddeus Foundation. Their purpose is to bring hope and growth for women of all ages. This is a nonprofit organization that is a women and teen center and have different types of resources for single parents, single moms, teens, and those who are homeless."

- Summer Breese


"I did an internship at a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s station and learned what it takes for a career in law enforcement, participating in ride-alongs with officers patrolling the streets, attending city criminal alert briefings, spending time with the county dispatch office, and worked with a Crime Analyst in the Detective Bureau."

-Juaquin Zavala

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