Matthew Tapp | January 2, 2018

Meet Marta Shura, a senior in the Human Development and Psychology program at Life Pacific College. Marta transferred to Life Pacific because she was seeking an experience that would integrate her faith and provide her with a supportive, engaging community. She is still in awe of what she found.

Marta explains that her favorite part of LPC is the professors, “I’m still in awe at how much the professors care, not only about my education, but about me, personally.” LPC’s faculty are of the highest caliber, with decades of experience and degrees from some of the world’s leading institutions, yet they are approachable and they invest in each student’s lives. Life Pacific is one of the few places where a student can grab a cup of coffee to discuss theology with a scholar from the University of Edinburgh before finding a taco Tuesday deal with an ethicist from the University of Southern California.

Beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to Dream Bold and they are provided with opportunities to pursue their passions and God-given talents. Marta says, “I am very passionate about media, writing, counseling, racial reconciliation, missions, and discipleship. LPC has provided those outlets for me to grow in areas that I’m passionate about and has prepared me for the things I want to accomplish when I graduate.” Specifically, Marta has been able to develop her passions and talents as a Resident Assistant for on-campus students and as an Executive Member of the Multi-Cultural Student Union.Headshot of Marta.

“I’m still in awe at how much the professors care, not only about my education, but about me, personally.”

LPC is educating and empowering Marta for her future, but it is also laying a biblical foundation for the rest of her life. “Coming to LPC has allowed me to trust in God like never before,” says Marta. Every student, no matter their major, experiences Bible and theology courses integrated throughout their program. Student’s develop a deeper understanding of scripture and strengthen their faith.

Marta’s LPC experience is providing her with an exceptional education in a unique community, opportunity to explore her passions and practice leadership, and a Christ centered environment to develop her faith. What will be your LPC experience?​ Click here to take the first step by signing up to receive more info. If you are a senior, high school graduate, or transfer student, click here to apply today.

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