| March 20, 2019

Meet Brittany Holbert. Britany is a student in the Transformational Ministry program at Life Pacific. She is involved in campus worship teams and theater productions. Hear about Brittany's LPC experience in her own words:
"When I graduate from Life Pacific College, my bold dream is to step into a worship pastor role, mentoring and encouraging youth and college students in freely glorifying God through their artistic abilities they have been blessed with. Whether that be in music, painting, poetry, or anything under the sun, I want my students to know that their gift is powerful and can help lead others into God's presence. My favorite thing about LPC is the community I live in. Not only have I been privileged to meet so many amazing men and women of God, but have gained sisters and brothers that I can run to, laugh with, pig out with, and enjoy life with. Bring apart of the LPC community and the influential classes and people I have encountered have completely changed my life and continue to shape the leader I am becoming!"

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