Matthew Tapp | January 2, 2018

Meet Aman Kahsai, a junior from Northern California, in the Transformational Ministry program at Life Pacific College. The Transformational Ministry program is designed for students interested in doing ministry inside and outside of the local church. When choosing which college to attend, Aman knew he wanted to attend a Christian college with a strong sense of community. After considering many of the big-name Christian colleges in Southern California, Aman stumbled upon what he describes as “the best kept secret," Life Pacific, a school that provides all students with a strong biblical foundation and a tight-knit community like none other.

Headshot of Aman.If you ask Aman about his LPC experience, he will tell you all about how his faith has been transformed and strengthened. He says, “LPC has taught me how to read and study scripture for myself, so that my faith would be stronger. Now, every time I read God’s word, I know how to ask the right questions which lead to new insights every time I open the Bible.” Scripture is one of LPC’s core values and is a large part of every student’s experience. No matter what major a student earns, they will enjoy a Bible and theology core designed to teach the fundamentals of studying scripture and integrating faith and ministry into every area of life. 

Not only is Aman’s faith being developed, he is receiving a high-quality education and being empowered for his future. Aman’s dream is to work in the church, doing ministry both locally and internationally, and he believes the education he is receiving his preparing him to do just that! The professors of LPC are intentional about engaging each individual student and providing an environment that is both challenging and supportive. According to Aman, the courses are demanding, but they have taught him to have a good work ethic, to be organized, and how to think critically – skills that are useful in any field. The education is also practical because of the internships all students are required to complete. 

Aman’s LPC experience is transforming his faith, educating him biblically, and empowering him for a successful future.What will be your LPC experience?​ Click here to take the first step by signing up to receive more info. If you are a senior, high school graduate, or transfer student, click here to apply today.

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