Rod Light | August 6, 2019

Life Pacific University has launched a new graduate program taught entirely in Spanish for Hispanic ministers, executives, and leaders. Following residency week for the inaugural cohort in July 2019, the university also made history by hosting the first-ever Conferencia Hispana at LPU on Saturday, July 20th.  

Milestones like this shape the future. The new M.A. in Leadership recognizes the significant contribution of Spanish-speaking pastors and their teams who bring personal transformation to local communities and ultimately to the nations of the world. 

“I have been waiting for a program like this about 12 years,” says Fernando Castillo from the Rock Church Spanish ministry. “Glory to God for having the opportunity to begin my master’s degree in Spanish and online,” he says. 

Claudia Paz, the executive CEO of CLP Tax and Accounting Services, says her involvement in the program has caused her to leave her comfort zone although she sees it as an answer to her prayers. 

“Experiencing this new journey of study, reading, creation of new habits and disciplines has brought me a lot of uncertainty,” Claudia admits. On the other hand, she also says that dedicating time to be built up, exhorted, and encouraged to fully engage in the program has brought her a lot of joy and great expectation.


| “I have been waiting for a program like this about 12 years” 

Program Director Dr. Daniel Ruarte says executives and ministry leaders like Fernando and Claudia have requested a program of this caliber in their first language for many years. He is pleased that Life Pacific University has responded to the call and invested in a program that is so historic and needed.

Life Pacific University received a 90% positive support rating for the program on a survey sent to 300 Hispanic leaders like Jose Paz Sembradores Church who now is part of the inaugural cohort of the program. 

“I believe that beginning my M.A. in leadership is a divine appointment,” Jose says. “It is what God has asked me to do.” Jose considers the program to be an experience that only comes around once in a lifetime. He jumped at the opportunity and expects that what he learns in the cohort will help him see leadership from a different perspective. 

Dr. Ruarte is pleased at the quality of students who comprise the inaugural cohort. He says members of the cohort already lead with excellence and have joined the program from Texas, Oregon, Washington DC, and California. “They became part of the cohort because they want to take their lives and their organizations to the next level,” he says.Dr. Ruarte believes that residency week speakers did a magnificent job communicating research-proven knowledge, skills, and strategies to our students. He says the feedback from participants was positive and the launch of the program was “transformational and life changing” to those who attended. 

Nearly all of those in the new cohort expressed appreciation for LPU offering a fully accredited degree in Spanish, their native language, saying it was “the dream we have been waiting for.”

Claudia Paz echoes the sentiment. “During these days I have been able to confirm the importance we have as ministers to continue pursuing theological and academic study for personal transformation and to also be able to give to others with excellence,” she says.

Conferencia Hispana capped off an intensive week of study with guest lectures, worship, and a prayer chapel that commissioned students back to their homes and organizations blessed and excited to begin their new educational journey with Life Pacific University.

“I thank God for everything I have experienced this week,” says Walter Ramos, senior leader and visionary at Dios Restaura Hispanic Ministries. “These enriching topics have led to my academic growth. I also learned from each workshop speaker and each of them brought a broader perspective about leadership.” 

Dr. Ruarte told the students during residency week to persist and remain focused on the end goal. “You came to complete the M.A. in Leadership and we will celebrate together, in less than 22 months, the completion of this great accomplishment,” he exhorted the cohort. 

Walter summed up well just how the new graduate program will help shape the future for Hispanic leaders. He believes in the importance of education and says this program in particular will help Spanish-speaking leaders by “bringing fundamental tools to our ministries to carry them out effectively.”

The strategically designed Master of Arts in Leadership in Spanish is a cohort-based program with groups of 12-20 students every year that begin their course of study with a residency week during January and July. 


Interested students should email programahispano@lifepacific.edufor more information. 


Watch The Residency Week Recap

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