LPU Press Room | November 26, 2019

In the first round of licensing this academic year, nine LPU students passed interviews to become recommended pastors of the Foursquare denomination. Hear their stories!

Student Spotlight: Jessica Lopez

When I was eleven, I decided to follow and give my life to Jesus. When I was twelve, I felt a calling over my life to be a pastor. When I was eighteen years old, I started bible college. Last night at twenty-one years old, I became the first recommended licensed pastor in my family. Although this story can seem linear, the in-betweens of these time frames have challenged and shaped me to become more of the resilient woman that I am. During the in-between moments, I experienced highs and lows that would teach me more of who God is and how I can trust Him. I experienced the real love of Jesus and the freedom that comes along with knowing Him. I witnessed the power of the word of God and the Spirit transforming my heart and mind. I accepted the healing and anointing over my life that continues to empower me to share the good news today. Saying “Yes” to the Foursquare Licensing process has already opened my eyes to see the endless opportunities that await me and how edified I can continue to be in my pastoral calling. I cannot thank enough the community who rallied alongside of me and cheered me on the entire way of my journey. I have experienced the goodness and faithfulness of God through the simple, yet courageous act of obedience. My hope is that all people would be encouraged to chase their God dream and hold onto hope. It’s by grace through faith that I can share my story with you and the good news of Jesus.

Student Spotlight: Cy Kaskes

The interviewing process was the perfect culmination of my time at LPU and looking back through that time I can see how God has shaped and formed me to get me to this point. Although this has only been my first step in continuing to walk in faithfulness of my call to Military Chaplaincy, through all my preparation and the partnering of my professors and classmates, God continued to remind me of the importance of not only the faithful service to walk in His calling for me, but also the faithfulness of God to walk with me through the whole process. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to walk out the licensing process with such encouraging classmates, teachers and panelists. It is obvious The Foursquare Church has created a process of partnership, not just an exam. 

Student Spotlight: Joshua Bulman

Going through Foursquare's polity course was an experience I will never forget. I enjoyed learning about the history of The Foursquare Church, as well as the polity side of our denomination. As someone who values the word of God in the context of which it was originally written, I am proud to be part of a denomination whose theology and belief system is founded on the canon of scripture. Going through this licensing process, which required me to answer practical, theological, and polity questions, showed me the importance of using scripture to support my answers and beliefs. I would recommend the licensing program process for anyone who feels called to minister within our Foursquare family!

To learn more about The Foursquare Church and the licensing process, visit https://www.foursquare.org/get-involved/minister/