Rod Light | September 22, 2017

Need a job? Have a ministry position to fill? Look no further than FoursquareLink, LPC and Foursquare’s new top of the line online job board, powered by Symplicity. 

By: Rod Light

Life Pacific has a long history of ministry placement for graduates. Known among Foursquare pastors and leaders as a sending institution, LPC works hard to connect candidates with open positions so our students and graduates can put their college education to work immediately after graduation.

The Foursquare National Church Office (NCO) and LPC’s Office of Calling and Vocation partnered to develop FoursquareLink, Foursquare’s new online job board, powered by Symplicity. FoursquareLink boasts a robust career platform for job placement available to members of the Foursquare Network, specifically, LPC students, interns, and alumni, Foursquare ministers and district leaders, and marketplace leaders who are connected with The Foursquare Church.

Leading the FoursquareLink project are AJ Zimmermann, Director of the Office of Calling and Vocation at Life Pacific College and Lisa Penberthy, Leadership Education and Training Coordinator at the Foursquare National Church Office, along with their respective staffs and a dedicated team of programmers who have worked for the past three months to produce this flexible and effective software.

The Life Pacific College Office of Calling and Vocation exists to help students identify God’s calling on their life, help them develop practical skills in their field, and find a job in their intended vocational career. Organizers of FoursquareLink believe the platform will become an integral resource for Foursquare people looking for a job in their field of expertise.

“Now, Foursquare churches, districts, and pastors can post and search for jobs by key word and preferred Foursquare district,” Lisa says. “Anyone wanting to hire someone from the Foursquare Network can also post jobs and find one of our many talented, skilled, and Spirit-empowered candidates,” AJ adds. This includes LPC graduates with degrees in business, human development and psychology, communications, and other programs in development.

Additionally, AJ and Lisa say that LPC, NCO and district supervisors regularly receive requests to assist ministries and candidates in their search for the best ministry placement. FoursquareLink now offers a centralized place to help connect these people with available positions and potential candidates.

FoursquareLink also features resources for resume building and cover letters. The resume builder allows Foursquare Network members to link professional networks such as Linkedin, to their FoursquareLink account and create resumes based on industry-specific standards. AJ says a highly trained team will assist in approving resumes, providing feedback, and creating resources for interview and job placement success. In addition to the NCO and the Office of Calling and Vocation, LPC’s Office of Global Life adds international resources and guidance for global placement.

Experiential learning, LPC Internships, and Foursquare Residencies are vital areas of potential growth for students and job candidates. FoursquareLink helps connect young ministers with practical, hands-on opportunities through the Experiential Learning Module. Job-seekers can add these experiences to their resumes on FoursquareLink.

Current and future LPC students as well as alumni will benefit from the partnership of Foursquare leaders who identified the need for an online career management system, and have generously provided the resources to bring FoursquareLink to our constituents.

Create a FoursquareLink account and search for jobs. LPC Alum and Foursquare Network members select, “Sign Up”

Want to post a job to the FoursquareLink job board?  Please create an account and post position.

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