LPU Press Room | June 23, 2021

SAN DIMAS, Calif. - Life Pacific University (LPU) established a new strategic partnership with Calvary Chapel Bible College (CCBC), continuing the work of developing relationships for the benefit of students and the world. Dr. Daniel Ruarte, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Life Pacific University, affirms that “We are so thrilled by the opportunity to partner with CCBC. It is a testament to the interdenominational, Christ-Centered vision of both Aimee Semple McPherson and Chuck Smith.” This relationship has come full circle as CCBC’s founder, Chuck Smith, was a student and alumnus of LIFE Bible College in Echo Park, California. You can click here and here to read more about the life and legacy of Chuck Smith.

President Richey expressing excitement while talking on Zoom.CCBC aligns with LPU in the missional focus of developing students into leaders through Biblical education. This partnership opens the doors for students to further their studies beyond what has previously been offered. CCBC students have the opportunity to complete a two or four-year program with the opportunity to complete an accredited B.A. or M.A degree with LPU. Matthew Tapp, Director of Enrollment Management, recalls that “Our team had a chance to announce this partnership during a CCBC chapel before the end of their semester, and the response was even better than we expected. Students were thrilled about the opportunities.” The sense of excitement is mutual as we look to continue to develop partnerships and provide opportunities for students to further define and refine their skills and knowledge for the work God has given each student to do. This partnership allows both schools to work together to impact the kingdom of God that neither organization could do on our own.

Several people on computer screen during Zoom meeting.Brian Brodersen, President of Calvary Chapel Bible College, communicates his excitement from CCBC, stating, “We at CCBC are thrilled to be in partnership with LPU in training up men and women for service to Christ…I trust that through our combined efforts we’ll see many lives transformed and renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory God our Father.” Joel Wingo, Dean at CCBC, emphatically echoes that “This partnership with LPU means more open doors for our graduates to pursue further equipping for ministry and the marketplace through a trusted institution of biblical higher education.”

This fantastic moment in the history of LPU is spurred on by the continued commitment from leaders, through the Spirit’s leading, to develop innovative partnerships that builds momentum for LPU and pathways for continued growth for partners. We are seeing the Lord stir up imaginations and inspire a new sense of creative dreaming as we continue to reach out to other institutions to see how we might pursue the Lord’s call in a greater and more creative capacity. Dr. Eric Lopez shares that “In light of the shared history of the Foursquare and Calvary Chapel movements, I am excited about this partnership and the opportunity LPU and CCBC have to facilitate the Kingdom work of training servant leaders and making disciples together.” With the Lord’s leading, we will continue to establish pathways for God’s people to be trained in order for disciples to be made wherever the Lord would send his people.