LPU Press Room | September 1, 2021

LPU and The Leaven program share a unique mission within their partnership, to see a generation of students grow into what they are called to be. These students may be from different age groups, but they share one common love, the love of Christ. The Leaven program teaches grades K-5 and is partnering with LPU to bring centers to the surrounding area, volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities for LPU students, and bring restoration and learning to families and kids

LPU and The Leaven recently met with local officials and public servants of the City of San Dimas to discuss how to reach the city's needs through the partnership of the University and the Leaven, with positive results on moving forward to help San Dimas thrive. Students will soon be able to learn directly from the Leaven staff and leadership on what it takes to lead a group of students in learning and life through a possible internship opportunity and be resourced with valuable tools and experience in ministry. Many new opportunities are coming to LPU through the partnership with Leaven, and we hope to continue to build our communities as we advance.

Group picture outside of LPU’s President’s Office from left to right: Frank Lazarraga (Attorney, Member, Leaven Board of Directors and Leaven Inland Empire Advisory Committee), George Bostanic (VP of Student Development), Mark Lillis (Executive Director of the Leaven), Sue Ovitt (Chaffey Joint Union High School Board of Trustees, Treasurer, Leaven Board of Directors and Leaven Inland Empire Advisory Committee), Joshua Ortega (Office of Calling and Vocation Coordinator), Angie Richey (President of Life Pacific University), Emmett Badar (Mayor City of San Dimas), Chris Constantin (City Manager City of San Dimas), Silvia Melendez (CEO of San Dimas Chamber of Commerce), Mat Fratus (City of Rialto Fire Chief (ret), Leaven Inland Empire Advisory Committee Chairman)