Rod Light | August 27, 2020

As LPU celebrates its first anniversary as a university, administrators say the shift demonstrates innovative support for new generations of students without compromising the biblical foundation Life Pacific University was founded on almost 100 years ago.

As freshmen join returning students this fall, the LPU community celebrates the one year anniversary of our university status, a long-held vision that opened the door to serve more students than ever before with varied degrees as an accredited biblical university.

The change in status from college to university one year ago this month was more than a mere change in name. “Becoming a biblical university is foundational to LPU's legacy as the Foursquare flagship institution of higher learning,” says Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Daniel Ruarte.

Daniel believes the milestone is not only symbolic but also prophetic. “The move to university status came with an unexpected renewal and unintended organizational change,” Daniel says. “We have seen a change in leadership and a fresh new season of reinvention as we move into a new future of maturity, growth, and long-term sustainability.”  

Leading the University into the future, President Angie Richey also completed her first year at the helm, focused on our primary calling to train future generations of world-changers, community leaders, and entrepreneurs. “We are thrilled to see our beloved alumni in leadership roles across The Foursquare Church – at global, national, and local levels – as well as other areas of society,” she says. “This last year, we celebrated as numerous graduates were hired in the classroom, counseling centers, local churches, non-profit and for-profit sectors, and more. This is how we bring the light of Christ to a broken world. Our mission is the transformational development of students into leaders prepared to serve God in the church, the workplace and the world, and the University is more committed than ever to graduating adaptive servant leaders that make a difference.”

Founded nearly 100 years ago to train lay people to know and share the Bible, Life Pacific University today remains focused on preparing women and men to live biblical lives in a variety of professions and in every walk of life in the Church and the workplace.

Our founder’s vision was to prepare people to advance the gospel message around the world as they served mankind in many different professions. “Today’s world looks very different than it did 100 years ago, so our approach to education looks different,” Director of Enrollment Management Matthew Tapp says. “What remains the same is our commitment to transform students into leaders who will serve God and advance the gospel message.”

Moving to university status has put Life Pacific on the map like never before, administrators say. LPU is attracting more students who are interested in different career paths with Christ at the center. Because of becoming a university, LPU prepares students to serve God and people in the business world, the helping professions of human development and psychology, and the ministry through Bible and theology.

“The move to University was a huge accomplishment last year and continues to show how LPU is able to innovate and shift as we strive to support the mission of the institution,” Vice President of Student Development George Bostanic says. “It is a reminder that ministry can happen in a variety of majors and vocations.”

Becoming a University has resulted in the creation of new partnerships with churches and ministry leaders, Daniel adds. “We have seen an increased interest in partnerships as we develop transformational leaders for God's Glory,” he says.

Additionally, Christian high schools are taking notice of the programs offered by Life Pacific University and doors are opening for hosting school chapels with LPU student speakers and worship teams. Matthew says the enhanced reputation, credibility, and LPU brand have brought increased receptivity among leaders at private high schools allowing LPU to make a difference in the lives of high school students and better reach students who are an excellent fit for LPU.

Looking back on the first year as a university, Matthew appreciates the clarity that has come with the new status. Previously, many people viewed the college as synonymous with a local community college and for many families that was a deal breaker. “The move to university not only affirms the caliber of our institution,” Matthew says, “it gives confidence to students and families who are seeking a high-quality, biblical education that will set them up for their future.”

As LPU enters its second academic year with a new status, University administrators say they will continue to adapt, innovate, and shift to support new generations of students while fully aligning with the biblical foundation Life Pacific University was founded on almost 100 years ago.

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