Rod Light | November 16, 2018

A new YouTube channel and dedicated web pages offer free WAM resources to pastors and worship leaders.

Sophomore Elvira Tsuber is a worshipper, worship leader, and song writer. From the State of Washington, Elvira is part of the LIFE Worship Collective where she uses her skills as a singer and pianist to lead local congregations in worship.

The Collective is a traveling team of “young creatives from a variety of backgrounds united by a love for Jesus and a passion for leading people in worship,” according to the Worship Arts and Media (WAM) program webpage.

The LIFE Worship Collective produces original music throughout the year and travels to churches, camps, and conferences leading worship and serving the needs of different congregations.

In addition to the Collective, WAM Program Director Steven Felix-Jager, PhD, MFA launched a new YouTube Channel curating an original collection of 5-7 minute educational videos produced by Steven and other faculty focused on the latest insights of contemporary worship.

Freshman Johnny Knox, a Florida native and drummer on a chapel team, travel team, and pep band sees the WAM channel as an added value for friends of Life Pacific. "The thing that makes the WAM YouTube channel so remarkable to me, is that professors have an opportunity to sew seed not just in LP Students, but now with anyone who is wiling to receive their wisdom," Johnny says.

The YouTube channel includes videos with Life Pacific instructors discussing their area of expertise. Piano professor SoYoung Kim, has produced a video titled, “Three Tips for the Worship Pianist;” our arts director and drama professor Carissa Hawksworth’s video is called, “Drama as Video;” and our Applied ProTools instructor shares, “The Myths About Studio Production.”

Steven has produced theoretical videos such as, “The Role of the Worship Pastor Today” and our instrumental instructors make practical videos on tips for using various instruments in worship.

Additionally, Steven says the channel will host promo videos and eventually have music videos and live performance shoots. “We hope that these free resources will not only acquaint people with our instructors and what we’re about, but will also help people in their own ministerial context.”

Rachael Zazzara, a freshman from Southern California who plays piano on travel and chapel worship teams sees another value for Life Pacific students. “The WAM YouTube Channel gives incoming students a chance to see the professors and gives them a taste of their future classes,” she says.

“The free online resources allow people to relate to our professors and see them exercising their passion,” Elvira says. It’s one of many ways the Life Pacific WAM program is preparing students to lead the way in worship arts and media by giving away what God has entrusted to them.

WAM professors and students invite worshippers and creatives to share WAM resources and to get acquainted with our professors, their approach to worship arts and media, and to discover ways Life Pacific can be a blessing to local ministries.

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