Rod Light | October 3, 2018

During this year’s Blue and Gold Banquet, we recognize LPC alumni Jim Hibdon, Juan Vallejo, and Janelle Ibaven as representative honorees of our Foursquare alumni, all of whom are deserving of our gratitude and recognition.

Alumni are noteworthy at Life Pacific. They graduated from Foursquare campuses in Ohio, Virginia, California, and Canada, and each one shares in the heritage of Foursquare higher education. In total 7,766 graduates have been equipped for Christian service since our founder launched the first Foursquare institute in Los Angeles nearly 100 years ago.

Our alumni deserve to be remembered and honored. As we come together for our annual Blue and Gold Banquet and Alumni Reunion in San Dimas this year, we welcome all Foursquare alumni to join us in Southern California to remember our collective past and celebrate our bright future.

This year’s Blue and Gold Banquet will be held in the Rolf K. McPherson Chapel on the campus of Life Pacific College-University, San Dimas, on October 27, 2018. During this year’s banquet, we will honor three alumni with awards for distinguished Christian service since graduation.

Jim Hibdon (BA ’68) – Lifetime of Service Award

Jim Hibdon has spent the past 50 years serving the Lord and The Foursquare Church in pastoral ministry, district and corporate leadership, and advancing the vision of Life Pacific College.

Juan Vallejo (MA ’13; BA ’93) – Christian Ministry and Service Award

Juan Vallejo serves as Southwestern Hispanic District Supervisor and previously was a pastor, missionary, church planter, and divisional superintendent in The Foursquare Church.

Janelle Ibaven (BA ’02) – Young Alumnus Award

Janelle Ibaven, one of our more recent graduates, has been a children’s pastor, executive pastor, church planter, and a Foursquare chaplain at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.

Jim, Juan, and Janelle represent the 7,766 alumni who have taken the education they received and multiplied it in Christian service in the Church, the workplace, and the world, often in diverse places and in unique assignments.

In 2016, Janelle was invited by The Foursquare Church to apply for the vacant chaplaincy seat at Harvard University that had been established by Russell Schlecht at Grace Street Church. Janelle had already established herself after graduation as an effective minister and executive pastor while serving in Oak Harbor, Wash.

She believes it was God’s call for her to move to Cambridge in March 2017. “I fell in love with the city and the Harvard campus,” she says. “My heart also melted for the surrounding university campuses … MIT, Lesley, Tufts, Wellesley, Boston University, and Boston College.” Although the Barna Group refers to Boston as the second-most post-Christian city in America, Janelle saw the work and thread of the Holy Spirit around the institution she now serves and is thrilled help young women and men become all God has called them to be.

Like Janelle, Juan was young when God called him to serve in The Foursquare Church at age 18. Following graduation 25 years ago, Juan and his family ministered for a decade in Latin America serving alongside national leaders to implement the National Church Development strategy. They established Bible institutes, church multiplication teams, and support for national leaders and boards through leadership development and district oversight in Bolivia, El Salvador, and Paraguay.

In his current role, Juan supervises 100 churches and lead pastors in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. He represents the class of 1993 who celebrate their 25th anniversary this year.

Jim says it seems like yesterday that he enrolled as a student at Life Pacific. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of his class graduation, he is humbled to receive the lifetime service award from his alma mater. If there was a ministry assignment to fill in The Foursquare Church or at Life Pacific, Jim was able and ready to step up and fill it. He worked at the divisional, district, and national levels with Foursquare in education, youth, and finance, and led the Foursquare Association for the National Church Office in Los Angeles for three years.
Today, Jim serves Life Pacific as an associate chaplain, helping meet the spiritual needs of students through personal ministry on campus and in chapel services.

We celebrate Janelle, Juan, and Jim and all our Foursquare alumni who are making their mark in the world for the Kingdom of God. In this year’s theme, “Momentum,” President Jim J. Adams encourages us to expect and experience moments with the Lord that become momentum for the cause of Christ.

God has been faithful to students, faculty, and administration in Foursquare higher education for nearly 100 years, and we have much to celebrate. As Life Pacific transitions from college to university, we invite all alumni to experience the momentum and join us at this year’s Blue and Gold Banquet to collectively thank the Lord for His presence and favor.

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