LPU Press Room | January 25, 2021

“What is my task? To get the gospel around the world in the shortest possible time to every man and woman and boy and girl!” - Aimee Semple McPherson Aimee Semple McPherson media

In 1923, Sister Aimee knew that if the Gospel was going to go into all the world, it would be on the radio and through film. She embraced the technology of her day and established this legacy of innovation that continues at LPU today.

Building on the compelling work already being done at LPU in video production, media relations, webinars, podcasts, livestream, and online courses, the Media Campaign for Student Success includes three projects: the creation of a student Computer Lab, Chapel upgrades and renovation, and the state-of-art Aimee Semple McPherson Digital Media Center.

Media Campaign promo"We are committed to supporting our students as they find new and creative ways to share the gospel with the world,” says President Angie Richey. “The Media Campaign is our biggest project for 2021, and the Aimee Semple McPherson Digital Media Center is the capstone." With the help of generous donors and partnering with leaders in the industry, the Digital Media Center will be a cutting-edge, fully equipped media studio which will give students hands on experience with the latest production technology and provide opportunities for mentorships with influencers and industry leaders. Whether producing content for masterclass-style online courses or developing media resources for the local church, this studio will further allow LPU students, staff, and faculty to produce and share content around the world.

Andrew Hawksworth, media studentAndrew Hawksworth, LPU Professor and Marketing Videographer, states, "With over $750 billion spent annually on media content, digital media is truly the language of the future. By investing in emerging technologies and intentionally empowering the leaders of tomorrow, LPU is writing a new chapter in its legacy, paving innovative pathways for education on campus and setting the stage for unprecedented global impact grounded in the timeless Word of God."

The three key projects of the Media Campaign will link locations across campus in a digital network that will bridge students’ classroom education with real world projects. LPU students will collaborate with the media marketplace throughout Southern California, across the nation, and around the globe to experiment with modern technologies and develop new live and recorded productions that can actively equip and transform the Church, the workplace, and the world.

Lynnette Lozoya, Executive Director of Development, says, “LPU is looking for creative partners to come alongside us as we envision this innovative media environment. We invite studio executives, pastors, entrepreneurs, and leaders in this emerging field to join us in the campaign as we develop an Advisory Council and financial partners who will lead us forward in this vision.”

To learn more about the Media Campaign and partner with LPU, visit lifepacific.edu/studentsuccess. To have a conversation about how to get involved or give toward the campaign, contact Lynnette Lozoya at (909) 706-3095 or llozoya@lifepacific.edu.


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