LPU Press Room | January 27, 2021

Congratulations to all students who were named to the Life Pacific University Dean's List in the Fall 2020 semester!

Daniel pull quoteThe LPU Dean's List for Fall 2020 includes 118 students, which is 32% of the Traditional Undergraduate student population. We celebrate the tremendous work of our students during this unprecedent year.

Angie pull quote“I have the honor to announce and congratulate Fall 2020 Dean’s List recipients,” Dr. Daniel Ruarte, Vice President of Academic Affairs states. “Fall semester came with continued challenges and difficulties but even in the midst of that, you managed to persist with excellence. We are truly proud of your academic journey and believe in you. May the Lord continue to give you strength and wisdom in everything you do, it is our mission to develop students into leaders to impact their communities and the world. You are such an example of what we are trying to accomplish at LPU.” 

The Dean’s List recognition is awarded to full-time undergraduate students who have achieved a semester GPA of 3.65 or higher during the previous semester.

President Angie Richey states, “We at Life Pacific University are proud of your accomplishments! Thank you for contributing to the academic excellence of the University. We wish you continued success in your academic pursuits and service to others.”

All Dean's List Names for Fall 2020

LPU - Virginia

Ethan Jefferson

Karen Officer

Bailey Smith


LPU - Online Undergrad

Charles Adams

Elijah Burgess

Brian Corpuz

Jesse DeMent

Coty Grieve

Ariana Johnson

Patricia Kuehl

Jasmine Morrissette

Madelyn Nolte


LPU - Traditional Undergrad

Lesley Alonso

Nicole Amoroso

Elisha Ballard

Hezekiah Banks

Isabella Beaulieu

Eden Benshoof

Jordin Bishop

Tyler Borer

Kyannie Brown

Taylor Bustillos

David Calvo

Rachel Capinia

Zoe Carino

Megan Carrillo

Christopher Caudle

Jacob Cawkwell

Alexander Cebrowski

Kaela Cecil

Megan Centilla

Nevaeh Chacon

Megan Clark

Ariana Clavell

Ashley Clay

Rebekah Coleman

Gennesis Colindres

Nataly Cruz

Sydney Culpepper

Samuel DeCosta

Tayler Dela Cruz

Destiny Denbo

Jennifer Donis

Timothy Dorsey

Kiera Duran

Brianne Edler

Abigail Estes

Natasha Evanoff

Alison Flores

Nicholas Garza

Stephanie Gomez

Gabrielle Gonzalez

Jared Gregory

Mackenzie Grooms

Melissa Hasbun

Hailee Heim

Daniela H’Orvath

Travis Jackson

Delaney Kaplan

Emmanuelle Benie Kouame Gnepe

Kimberly Krauss

Mackenzie Krauss

Elisabeth Lamunyon

Danielle Lein

Elijah Leonard

Ceirra Little

Edwin Lomeli Galeana

Juan Lopez

Eliza Lopez-Del Valle

Noemi Lopez-Del Valle

Meagan Lord

Sequoia Lynch

Marina Macias

Anais Macias

Lannie Maffucci

Cecilia Martinez

Karime Martinez

Maggie Mejia

Abby Merritt

Britian Mietzel

Kaitlin Ming

Matthew Morelock

Emmanuel Munguia

Madison Nichols

Nellie Nous

Irwin Ortega

Carlos Ortiz

Olivia Ortiz

Ruth Pelaez

Briana Pinto

Betsaida Poot

Michael Potter

Brian Prezioso

Mariah Puetz

Jacqueline Resendiz

Caitlin Riden

Marco Rodriguez

Savannah Romo

Samantha Romo

Sarah Rosner

Hannah Russell

Marissa Ryerson

Alyssa Salgado

Josilyn Schneider

Elizabeth Schwartzkopf

Eunice Grace Sedano

Kameron Seto

Emily Simpson

Eliana Siordia

Dustin Smith

Elizabeth Snow

Kathryn Sommer

Denie Stark

Chase Steinmeyer

Zoe Strzemieczny

Venessa Sutherland

LaNell Swain

Erika Tablac

Abigail Torres

Lauren Valdivia

Julia Vartan-Casey

Christian Vega

Esthela Velazquez

Kyler Villarreal

Alexander Villavicencio

Keely Wall

Harrison Williams

Eryn Wise Clark

Dylan Wyke

Abigail Yarbrough