LPU Press Room | August 4, 2021

We are so delighted to welcome the MASL July 2021 Cohort and the returning MASL July 2020 Cohort. The new cohort includes leaders and professionals from the church, non-profit organizations, and the medical field. The returning cohort consists of similarly high-level capacity leaders as well as pastors.

What an amazing combination of scholar-practitioners being further equipped to continue serving God in the church, workplace, and the world at large!

The students were blessed with excellent support from the LPU Online Staff Team. The residencies were also enriched with presentations by faculty from LPU and leading faculty from other universities. LPU President-Emeritus, Dr. Dan Stewart facilitated one residency teaching session and conducted the MASL Residency Chapel and Communion session.

Please join us in praying for the students and our staff and faculty as we continue to serve, support, and cheer the students on toward the successful completion of their graduate programs at LPU. We continue to give God all the glory! 





 Next Cohort Begins January | Deadline to Apply: November 15. Want more information? Contact Director of Admissions, Linna Martz, MA.