Rod Light | February 27, 2019

The Life Pacific Office of Student Development operates from the mission that every student matters. Events, conversations, outreaches and programs focus on this mission while equipping our students for success today and in life after they graduate. 

With a growing desirability of soft skills like emotional and social intelligence in the work place, and the lower levels of proficiency in these areas in a digital society, Life Pacific Director of Residence Life Kristen Zimmerman believes that living in residence halls is an integral component of a student’s college education.  

“Students who live in the residence halls have the unique opportunity to learn from and with those who are different,” Kristen says. “Learning to live well with others is one of the most important and difficult skills a young adult can cultivate.”  

To help Life Pacific students succeed at living with others, Kristen and Associate Vice President of Student Development George Bostanic lead a campus wide effort to equip students by bringing them together and offering opportunities to listen, talk and learn.  

Student leaders host an evening chapel each month called, “Tehillah” or “praise to God” in Hebrew where worship and ministry from the Bible are led by students. “It’s a unified effort to partner as students discover what God has for us as individuals and as a community,” Life Pacific Associated Student Government organizers say.  

As students focus on their individual and collective relationships with Jesus Christ, they begin to look outside themselves to the needs of others around them. This leads to on campus events like “Real Talk” a town hall forum during which students learn to voice their concerns, and “Stand Up” where students discover the support of others who stand in the gap with them as God works in their lives.  

Students who know they are not alone in life struggles have a greater likelihood of healthy, sustained growth in college and beyond.  

The goal for every student is to discover the joy of serving others. This year, Life Pacific students had a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with the San Dimas community and provide hope for youth and women in need at the Thaddeus Foundation. 

On campus, several departments and organizations operate under the Student Development umbrella including Residence Life, Calling and Vocation, the Health and Wellness Center, the Associated Student Government and the Multicultural Student Organization (MSO).  

The MSO hosts “Night Market” giving students an opportunity to cook a traditional meal representing their culture or home and then share the meal with the Life Pacific community. Staff and faculty members host the students in their home kitchens as students prepare the meal. Then, everyone shares the meal around a common table celebrating the unity we have in Christ and the diversity of backgrounds we enjoy as community.  

In February, the Associated Student Government and the Multicultural Student Organization cohosted a mobile “You Matter Museum” on campus presenting art, poetry, a quote, photo, or a personal story in recognition of Black History Month. Items were displayed around campus for everyone to experience acknowledging that every individual’s story matters. 

Additionally, our Office of Calling and Vocation is keenly aware of preparing students for life beyond Life Pacific. To this end, we host an event for upper classmen called Job Goals 2.0 that focuses on resume writing/building, LinkedIn profiles and job interview skills. Students consider what life looks like after college and how they can best prepare for success in future endeavors.  

The mission of Life Pacific Student Development is to ensure that every student knows that they matter. Learning to speak up with concerns, to stand in the gap with others, to understand one another and to serve people with needs are all critical components of healthy and holistic student development.  

“This year our Student Development teams are focused on collaborating, supporting and driving towards the same vision and mission,” George Bostanic says. “We are finding ways to work as one unified team with one mission in mind, to help every student know that they matter.”