President Jim J. Adams | April 2, 2019

We are pleased to open our San Dimas campus on April 3 to the Foursquare family to meet our candidates for Foursquare president. Please join us on campus or via livestream for this momentous occasion.  

One of my greatest joys as president of Life Pacific College/University is to see longstanding networks strengthened and expanded between the college and The Foursquare Church.

This Spring The Foursquare Church will elect a new president as current Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr.’s two terms come to an end. Ministers and constituents will get to know the two candidates for the office, Tammy Dunahoo and Randy Remington, at six Presidential Forums hosted regionally across the U.S.  

Life Pacific College/University has been selected to be a host site for one of the two Southern California forums, and we are excited to welcome local ministers, ForeRunners, and Life Pacific students, faculty and staff to participate.  

It is indeed appropriate that Life Pacific will share in the discussion and preparation for a presidential election because our institution was part of the vision of Foursquare founder and first president, Aimee Semple McPherson. Building networks within our Foursquare movement has always been a high value for Life Pacific.  

The relationship between The Foursquare Church and Life Pacific College/University has never been better, and the opportunity to host this Forum is a powerful indication of our partnership. I will particularly be pleased to watch current students interact with Foursquare presidential candidates alongside respected ForeRunners and local ministers.  

Our offices will close during the Forum on April 3 to allow maximum participation for the entire campus community. We encourage transparent conversation and are supportive of the presidential candidates both of who have a longstanding relationship with Life Pacific.  

Tammy Dunahoo has faithfully served on the Life Pacific Board for years and Randy Remington is double alum having earned his master’s and bachelor’s degrees at Life Pacific.  

Something unique happens when young leaders probe the issues with seasoned ministry veterans like Tammy and Randy. Student questions result in a new understanding of the candidate’s fundamental values, beliefs, and skill sets. It is always refreshing to hear our students ask questions that might otherwise go unasked.  

I appreciate the openness of Tammy and Randy as they invest themselves in this next season of personal and corporate growth in The Foursquare Church.  

Both candidates are excellent and we are grateful to our Foursquare leaders for selecting our campus as one venue to host this Presidential Forum. We consider this opportunity an indication of our movement’s attitude toward the college that the input of our students and community matter in this decision.  

Life Pacific is committed to building bridges of community and generational relationships within our movement for years to come. This Presidential Forum is one of many opportunities we have at Life Pacific to network pastors, ForeRunners and students with our movement. 

Click here for President's Forum Details and Livestream