Rod Light | October 3, 2018

At Life Pacific, we are commited to turning moments into momentum, welcoming a revival of God.

Student body president Shea Vercellono says this year’s fall retreat was the best she has experienced. “This weekend was a time I will carry with me forever,” the Life Pacific senior says. “It truly is the beginning of a revival.”

Applying the theme “Momentum” that President Jim J. Adams introduced during Welcome Week, the goal of this year’s retreat was for students to turn moments into momentum.

Pastor Art Garcia from The Bridge Church in Buena Park, told the students it was time to soar with eagles and “stop clucking around like chickens.” He said there is nothing more fulfilling than flying because we are made by God to fly. Then, he reminded everyone that the transforming power of God doesn’t return you to what you were. It moves you into what you are supposed to be.

“God has called you to fly, so give up your insecurities. You are a brand new person in Christ,” Art told the students. “Everything may be against you. You may feel hard pressed on every side. But now is the time to mount up with wings like eagles.”

Associate Vice President of Student Development George Bostanic says Life Pacific is “flight school, where everyone is learning to fly.” George has experienced four years of fall retreats at LPC and says this one is by far the best.

Retreat organizers wanted to create an event that set the tone for the 2018-19 school year, as the college becomes a university in summer 2019. They prayed for spiritual transformation in the lives of students and are pleased with the testimonies coming out of the retreat demonstrating that God answered those prayers in powerful and specific ways.

“God is always faithful,” Vice President of Enrollment Angie Richey says. “Everyone experienced their own moment(um).” She says deep ministry took place in the lives of students and over 80 were baptized in water.

Student being baptized in Life Pacific Chapel.Bonds between students were formed that will last a lifetime. Most of all, men and women reaffirmed their commitment to follow the ways of the Lord as they prepare to serve where He has called them, whether in the Church, the workplace, or the world.  

This retreat is only the beginning, according to Life Pacific staff.

Students are encouraged to share their stories and to tell others about how their moment is becoming momentum. Those on social media use hashtags #LPUMomentum and #LPUExperienceMomentum. On campus, in the café, and in the classroom, it seems everyone is sharing personal stories of momentum.

Moments are becoming Momentum. Students are encouraged to maintain their personal moment with Christ and cultivate the momentum the Holy Spirit brings to their lives.

“Now it’s all about keeping the momentum going,” Angie Richey says. “We must hold to the height we have attained and keep flying!”

For students like Shea Vercellono that shouldn’t be too difficult. “While it may be hard to find words for what God is doing, I know it is definitely something good,” Shea says.

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