Rod Light | August 6, 2019

Dr. Jan Spencer is a Life Pacific alum (’77) who has been a Foursquare pastor for 40 years. He is a 20-year veteran of college teaching in virtual classrooms and recently experienced one of the highlights of his life and career. 


“Several weeks ago, after eight years of working online at a secular university in West Virginia, I had the privilege of praying with a colleague to receive Jesus Christ,” Jan says. More than just business as usual, Jan views this personal breakthrough for his colleague as God’s fulfillment after years of planting seeds of the gospel among his coworkers. 

Dr. Spencer recently was named interim director of the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management program at Life Pacific University. In this role, he will oversee the development and revision of the curriculum for the BAOM program. He will also continue to teach for Life Pacific’s degree completion and adult and graduate studies programs.


“My calling in the ministry is to inspire the church to embrace the vision and mission of Jesus Christ and to equip them to carry it out,” Jan says reflecting on God’s call in his life. “Having the privilege and opportunity to contribute to the development of leaders in venues like Life Pacific University is a deep passion of my heart.”

Jan’s college classmates included Jim J. Adams, Gayle Samples and Rick and Debbie Meyer all of who still hold active roles with Life Pacific. In 1997, Jan filled in for Dan Stewart teaching classes on campus while Dan led early student teams to Africa and Israel. 

He recalls teaching a wide range of Bible courses through the years, perhaps the most unusual of which was Math for Ministers, a course that he still remembers with a chuckle. Today, Jan teaches two courses in the Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership program and one in the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership program. Additionally, Jan teaches an online course in Old Testament Theology. 

Jan’s colleagues at Life Pacific University are thrilled to benefit from his experience and education in his new role. 

Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, Terry Samples says that Jan is uniquely equipped for this role. “Jan’s extensive pastoral background, his long history with The Foursquare Church and Life Pacific College, coupled with his doctoral level of education in organizational leadership and his long history of teaching online all contribute to make him the perfect leader for this program,” Terry says. 


Jan’s interests include research into what he calls “vision conflict”— the disparity between what a person expects to take place in their work as a leader or pastor versus what actuallytakes place. 

He hopes that the research may help create avenues of long-term sustainability for pastor leaders. Initial findings of Jan’s research suggest that prospective leaders need adequate training as to what they should expect in their specific leadership experience so they will be less likely to leave their role for the wrong reasons. 

Jan and his wife, Yolanda, are Southern California “natives” since the early 1970’s hailing from the Eastern High Sierra city of Bishop. They have four children and 13 grandchildren. During their 40-year pastorate in the Antelope Valley, they have planted two churches, “parented” four other church plants and served as Foursquare Divisional Superintendents (1986-2019).

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