President Jim J. Adams | July 23, 2018

Changes this fall in chapel, the classrooms, athletics, and food service may require adjustment. In the end, we believe our students will appreciate the focus on their overall well-being, trnasformation, and success.

Change is a challenge. Change can be positive. Still, many of us resist change until we understand the purpose behind the change. Perhaps C. S. Lewis said it best when he wrote, “It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg.” 

At Life Pacific College-University, we want our students to soar, fully prepared to serve Christ in the Church, the workplace, and the world. Rest assured that changes in the offing will be balanced and Christ-centered, enacted at a careful pace and with benefit to the most people.

For instance, chapel this fall will become more focused on spiritual care and formation of students. We will continue our commitment to ethnically diverse chapel speakers who engage our students on topics that challenge them and impact the decisions they make for Christ while attending Life Pacific.

Newly hired campus chaplain Pastor Phil Urdiales will draw from his previous experience as a campus pastor and dean, and his current leadership of a new church plant to proactively influence our undergraduate students toward spiritual transformation and health in Christ. Phil is a credentialed minster with The Foursquare Church and holds a Masters Degree in Leadership from Southeastern University.

Esteban "Steven" Felix-Jager, Ph.D., our new director of the Worship Arts and Media program will join Pastor Phil this fall in developing engaging and meaningful worship experiences during chapel and beyond. Steven holds a doctorate in Pentecostal Theology from the University of Wales, an MFA in Visual Art from Azusa Pacific University, and an MA in Ministry from Southeastern University.

We are very excited about the new face of chapel, worship, and ministry that will impact our students and the entire campus this fall.

Warrior Athletics is also changing this fall as we add men’s wrestling, women’s wrestling, wp,en's golf, women’s basketball, and continue to strengthen our existing athletic programs in conference competition with the GSAC and NAIA.

Welcoming some 75 new student athletes to our campus certainly increases our enrollment - a wonderful change by the way - but also brings quality student athletes with a personal testimony to share. We could not be happier with the progress of our Warrior Athletics program under the leadership of Athletic Director Tim Cook and his growing team.

Also refreshed this fall will be the way we provide food service to our students. After working this summer with a consultant and hard work by Mike Adams our campus dining staff, we will offer new and varied meal plans this fall, extended food service hours, new menus providing students with more choices to meet their needs. Among the changes will be new “Grab and Go” food options in "the Loop" Coffee Shop for students in a hurry. 

Additionally, our commuter students will find dedicated space in the Loop just for them. They will be able to store belongings in lockers, heat up meals in a dedicated microwave oven, and experience more food service options. The added commuter services will allow students, many who drive 20-50 miles to class, to remain on campus and benefit from our food service options and a comfortable place to hang out and call their own.

Classrooms have been refreshed with new new paint and carpet, following up on last year's sound deadening project. Speaking of the classroom, Life Pacific welcomes back Dr. Jim "Kimo" Walz as chair of the business administration program, and aulmna Professor Aimee Selby as visiting professor leading the Global Life program. Also returning is George Bostanic, our much beloved former resident life director, who will serve in the new position of Associatie Vice President & Dean of Students.

We are especially grateful to LPC donors for making available and newly converted space for prayer, the LPC Prayer Chapel located in the center of campus. Extensive office renovations allow workspace for our growing athletics staff, and a large new training room provides student athletes with a variety of whirlpools, tratement tables, and other needed health and strengthening facilities.

We could not have succesfully completed so many facilities updates and changes on campus without superb leadership of Rick Meyer, Director of Facilities. In my opinion, Rick is one of the finest campus physical plan directors in the country.

Yes, change can be challenging. At Life Pacific, we are committed to advancing our influence as the Holy Spirit directs so that our storied 95-year history will continue as long as God allows us to serve in His harvest.

At Life Pacific, we are committed to advancing our influence as the Holy Spirit directs so that our storied 90-year history will continue as long as God allows us to serve in His harvest.

Stay tuned for other Christ-centered changes that benefit our students, prospective, students, their families, and our overall LPC community.