LPU Press Room | September 3, 2020

LPU's staff, faculty, and Board of Trustees are committed to supporting our students as they fulfill their call to serve God throughout the world. Check out this month's LPU Spotlights!


Professor Mike Gerbrandt Chapel Teams CoachProfessor Mike Gerbrandt  |  Adjunct Professor, Chapel Teams Coach

Hi! My name is Mike. My wife Kristy (Scanlon) and I have 3 kids and a little foster boy. They drive us insane but we can't imagine life without them. I absolutely love hockey, news-blooper videos and Indian food. We've been worship pastors for 15+ years and these days we lead for several churches of friends both new and old. Father God gave me the exciting assignment and calling of playing/writing music further back than I can remember. Lately, I've had the enormous privilege of writing for companies like BMG/Sony and NBC as well as coaching the chapel teams, teaching a class called "Worship Design" and working on a new Music Business course under the brilliant Dr. Felix (pulling from the MA I just finished at APU). Did I mention I love Indian food? Most notably I've been completely awestruck and humbled at the joy, peace and miracles that come when we actually honor the first and greatest commandment: first, loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength - seeking Him and His righteousness above any other thing. Many blessings to you as you seek Him first! 



Maria McCracken Family PortraitProfessor Maria McCracken  |  Adjunct Professor; Adult & Graduate Student & Faculty Services Coordinator

Maria has been married to her husband, Jacob, for six years. They live in San Dimas with their two sons, Jack and William. Maria holds an M.Div. and currently teaches Biblical Languages and Exegesis at Life Pacific. She spends her free time going on walks with her family, enjoying her husband's cooking, and reading for fun. Ministry involvement - Maria is a licensed Foursquare minister and attends The Gathering in Santa Clarita, CA



Jessie Cruickshank LPU Trustee with husbandRev. Jessie Cruickshank  |  LPU Trustee

Jessie Cruickshank is an ordained Foursquare minister, currently serving as the Director of Leadership for the MidSouth, Pacific Southwest, and Central Pacific Districts of the Foursquare church. She has co-founded and co-led several international ministry organizations and serves the body of Christ as a neuro-ecclesiologist. Whether authoring books, teaching webinars and classes, or preaching multi-day revivals, Jessie loves to help others experience and be equipped for the Kingdom.

Jessie lives in Denver with her husband Bob and dog, Rosie. Bob and Jessie met at a river and rock-climbing guiding company and enjoy adventuring together in the outdoors. They also love creating rich, authentic community with those around them. Last year Jessie and Bob started a faith community group in their neighborhood so that their neighbors of various denominations could gather, have dinner, and share their life as Christians with one another. This was a huge blessing during the spring of 2020 where neighbors sent encouraging messages and did shopping for one another.