LPU Press Room | December 18, 2020

Pictured Above: Newly Recommended Foursquare Pastors Julia Vartan, Eli Ballard, Mattie Schibler, Maggie Mejia, Quentin & Haley Boasso

This semester, LPU celebrates the fall polity class as they become newly recommended Foursquare pastors! These LPU students participated in the first-ever all virtual Polity course at LPU, due to in-person class restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. Classes took place virtually over videoconferencing tools, as did licensing interviews. Despite the pandemic, these resilient students continued to pursue God’s call on their lives. Congratulations, newly recommended pastors! Special thanks to Tammy Dunahoo, Kristina Stover, and all of the licensing coaches for helping to make this possible. 

To learn more about Polity at LPU, click here.

Pictured Below: Foursquare Culture & Doctrine Class