LPU Press Room | June 17, 2020

This Spring 2020 semester brought with it challenges that no one had ever faced before, and our students persevered! Through the many facets of dealing with the pandemic of Covid-19, LPU students developed the skills of flexibility, dealing with change and persevering. From classes moving to online, to a mid-semester shift in internship structure, to the postponing of Commencement, our students have done an incredible job of finishing well. In a recent newsletter, the Office of Calling and Vocation shared highlights of some of our graduates, their achievements and their plans for the future.


Human Development & Psychology


"Life Pacific University instilled within me not only a wonderful education in the Human Development and Psychology program, but also how to take care of my mental health during times of unexpected change. During this pandemic, my mental health is something that I have been taking seriously since my everyday life has come to an abrupt stop like many others. In times of major, unexpected change, I learned that sometimes it takes our minds a few days (or longer) to process what its going through. Even in the midst of this pandemic I know that in all things God is still working for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28)."

Amara Murillo McPherson

"My time at LPU has been the most humbling, stretching, and encouraging four years of my life. Through the Human Development and Psychology program, I have gained knowledge and understanding that there is hope for the hurting and that I have the opportunity to be there for those who arent seen or heard. Thankfully through my internship, I have accepted two positions at MarSell Consulting and MHS. Just like me, their goal is to hear peoples stories and to empower them in their healing journey. Throughout my time here, God has abundantly displayed his grace and freedom, showing me that I am called worthy. Although there were times that I did not feel fit for my calling, the Lord continued to show me that I do belong and when I leave, He will be with me wherever I go.”

Jessica Perez
Hired through Internship
Licensed Minister


"Completing my internship at McKinley Childrens Center exposed me to the realities of working in a field that requires much from an individual. I was also able to experience diverse cultures through Global Life trips. These have helped me become culturally aware and increased my admiration for cultures that are not my own. My goal is to become a licensed child counselor and work with children within minority groups, and possibly work on a PhD and have my own practice. In the fall I will be attending Azusa Pacific University and will be working on my M.S. in Counseling Psychology with Specialization in Children and Adolescents.”

Rachelle Escovedo


Biblical Studies


"I currently work at the Foursquare Central Offices and serve at my home church Angelus Temple Hispanic. I feel a call to cross-cultural ministry and have eagerly pursued each open door the Lord places before me. The one thing I will always carry from LPU as a Biblical Studies graduate is that good theology is not good unless I can live it out -- it must be practical. This summer I will begin the Masters of Strategic Leadership program at LPU. I am excited to integrate what I have learned in Biblical Studies at a Masters level to further help me in my current leadership and ministry contexts as well as giving me skills for my future endeavors in business."

Rachael Edler
Licensed Minister

"After graduation I will carry on my volunteer work at Higher Vision Churchs ministry to disabled children. I will also continue my YouTube Video Ministry along with posting encouraging words on Instagram. In addition, I will likely seek an internship at Joni and FriendsChristian Institute on Disability or perhaps work on a Masters Degree in Disability Ministry. Whatever the future holds, I will always seek to align my life with Gods Word and Will. Giving shape to my call to ministry is perhaps what I value most from my years at LPU. Although, I always felt a deep sense of being called to ministry, my disabilities of cerebral palsy and blindness seemed to blur my future. However, at LPU I was with people whose lives modeled the love of Jesus, I learned to interpret and apply biblical truths to my life, I sat under professors who saw my Godly abilities rather than my disabilities, and I began to see that in my future with God, everything is possible.”

Michael Todd

"LPU has equipped me as a biblical studies major to understand the Bible and how to teach of God's goodness, character and healing to those who are hurt. I am equipped to teach about several different topics and to study the bible further for teachings and messages. LPU also educated me very well in topics of marriage and family, sexual health, identity, healing. The classes have been very helpful in gaining understanding of how to effectively serve a people group and community based on the population, the cultures, age, gender, race etc. that I might be in community with. My long term career goals are to continue in ministry and be part of an organization, or maybe even start an organization that is involved in the rehabilitation process of human trafficking victims. I would love to be a spiritual and holistic part of their healing process and help victims reintegrate themselves back into society.”

Jessica Valdivia
Licensed Minister


Communications, Business Administration

"My time at Life Pacific has been, without a doubt, the most transformative years of my life. Looking back as a double major in Business and Communications I see both my studies and LPU have prepared me for my future. I've learned innovative, contextualized business practices and improved my skills as a PR practitioner. LPU has also provided many job opportunities to train and develop my skills, such as working in Sports Information and Admissions Marketing. After graduation, I will be working as a Graphic Designer and also pursuing the position of Creative Pastor. These last few years have ignited my passion to reach the lost, hurting, and broken for Christ. Life Pacific helped reveal the call God designed for me and have prepared me for such a call.”

Micah Mulock
Communications and Business Administration
Licensed Minister

"The connections that Ive made through professors have really influenced what I would like to do with my career. Meeting Clint Berry and working as the web and graphic designer at AbleSource has really influenced my career path.”

Luis Hernandez

"I will be interning at the OC Hit Factory Recording Studio in Tustin this summer! My long-term career goals are to start my own organic cosmetic company and continue to write and produce music. I'm also super excited to get married this year and start my own family. My time at LPU definitely taught me resilience, self-discipline, and working hard for my achievements.”

Michelle Pillay
Business Administration


Worship Arts & Media

"My long-term career goal is to be involved in full-time worship ministry and be a part of the music industry ministering to people as well. LPU has equipped me through the many opportunities that I have had to lead worship in different platforms. From city events, to school events, inaugurations, and various classes, I've grown and it has allowed me to be put on the map and in the eyes of various churches that I could help with."

Ben Placide
Licensed Minister

"My new full-time position at Florence Ave Foursquare Church was made possible through God's perfect timing and divine appointment. I was recommended for the position through my professors Dr. Steven Felix-Jager and Dr. Terry Samples. Immediately after the recommendation, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Pastor Terry Risser. The recommendation was a testament to my consistent work at LPU as a student, leader, and staff worker in addition to my extensive experience through various internships. I am thankful for being a part of the Foursquare family and look forward to the future of our ministry together through the friendships and leaders I have worked with over the years at LPU and beyond.”

Marlene Munoz
Licensed Minister

"LPU has helped shape my future. Being in the Worship Arts and Media program has allowed me to explore artistically and opened my eyes to how powerful the gospel can be through art and how I can be part of spreading that good news through my craft. After I graduate in May I will be heading home for a few months while I look for jobs and audition opportunities in the greater LA area. I plan on moving down here once I have a job and will be looking for opportunities to be in theatre. Since being here I have been able to discover more about who I am and who God has made me to be, growing deeper in my relationship with the Father and learning to be loved and love my God.”

Ellie Dawson
Licensed Minister


Transformational Ministry

"LPU's internship fair had provided an amazing opportunity to spend a summer in the amazing state of Washington with an amazing church and staff. I now hold to position of High School Pastor. I am thankful for professors like Dan Stewart and Terry Samples that have encouraged me to see my potential and help develop the skills and insights needed to do well in my position."

Chase Dean

"I have been appointed at Yakima Foursquare Church as the Communications Pastor and Preteen (4th-6th Grade) Pastor and I will be pursuing a Masters degree in Strategic Leadership. I plan to one day participate in a church plant. I am open to the work the Lord is willing to do in my life and with this I am open to new experiences and opportunities. I also have a wedding planning business that is in the works of getting up and moving. I plan to keep that personal business and use it as a ministry to reach people. This business combines my love for people, my love for event planning, and my love for serving. Life Pacific has allowed me the opportunity to grow into my calling by giving me a safe space to try and fail but to not give up. Life Pacific has given me the freedom to dream big and to dream without limit and has given me the tools to network, build relationships, and create a work ethic that is Kingdom minded and guided.”

Jasmine Orejel-Barron
Licensed Minister

"As a Transformational Ministry major, I have been given the tools to be the hands and feet of Jesus in and outside of the church. As I graduate LPU, I feel like I have been equipped with a tool belt that will help me navigate ministry and be effective in serving others and the Lord. Starting this May, I will be a full-time Youth Pastor at Living Way Fellowship in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I have also been accepted into The Kings University, where I plan on getting my Masters in Divinity. My spiritual life has grown so much in my time at LPU and continues to do so. My faith has grown stronger, my relationship with God has gone more in-depth, and my spiritual life has grown immensely as I have read and applied God's Word to my life."

Joshua Bulman
Licensed Minister


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