The Emerging Leader Network is a network of church-based discipleship programs within The Foursquare Church. This network exist to equip the church to train and send young leaders. The model is known as full immersion discipleship within a school of ministry and it has been used for years and continues to be used to train leaders and churches to start their own program. Life Pacific University acknowledges the value of a student's experience in a School of Ministry that is part of Foursquare’s Emerging Leader Network, which is why we have built a bridge for ELN graduates to successfully transfer to Life Pacific and complete their degree. Read more about the Emerging Leader Network. Students who have an ELN experience prior to attending college are keenly aware of the rewards and demands of ministry. To encourage ELN students in their pursuit of learning and potentially a college degree, Life Pacific University offers two avenues through which ELNs certified with the Foursquare Institute Office can partner with LPU.

What LPU Offers the Emerging Leader Network

LPU Scholarship for ELN Program Graduates  

LPU is pleased to award $1,000 per year ELN Graduates to honor their participation and completion of an immersion discipleship program. The Emerging Leader Scholarship is designed for ELN Graduates who have complete 1 or 2 year ELN programs.  The $1,000 award is renewable each year up to 4 years and is contingent upon meeting the criteria of full –time on campus enrollment and maintaining a 2.5. GPA. Scholarships will be awarded once the student applies and enrolls to LPU.

ELN Course Enrollment and College Credit  

LPU-ELN online course consist of students from a number of ELN programs across the country taking courses together online. Students will be able to dialogue with one another concerning their learning, life, and ministry application.